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How to prevent hair loss

Are you still worried about hair loss? Everyone wants to have a black and beautiful hair, but why some people hair is out, how to prevent hair loss? I have a little bit of my own experience, I feel very effective, you can try it.


To prevent hair loss can not stay up all the first, to take care of every day adequate sleep, sleep at night no more than 11 pm, because from 11 pm to 2 am is the best time for liver detoxification. Early sleep can let us remove the body of toxins, the body's health, including the head of the skin are very helpful. Adequate sleep can let the brain get rest and prevent hair loss due to lack of head blood supply.


Often wash your hair, 3 times to 5 times a week, people who can be fat off hair loss once a day, wash off the excess head fat, to prevent hair loss due to its block.


Shampoo choice to be careful, you can choose to prevent hair loss shampoo, or weak acid shampoo, can not use soap or alkaline large shampoo. Will stimulate the scalp and hair loss. I often use King shampoo cream, feeling pretty good, you can try. Of course there are many others, you can choose according to the individual hair appropriate.


Massage the head, the head skin also need regular massage, you can use the thumb to hold the temple and other four fingers in the head gently massage the head skin, the action can not be too heavy, you could hold down the scalp back and forth. You can sleep in bed before going to bed to do or do it in the shampoo. The use of wood comb also a massage.


Often eat fresh fruit can add the body and skin needs of vitamins. Eat more time to eat vegetables and eat less greasy or spicy food, stimulate the skin. Eat walnuts, kelp, etc. can add hair nutrition food.


To prevent the scalp in the sun for a long time exposure, the scalp in the sun exposure, will cause a lot of sweat and then blocking hair roots, while exposure to damage hair so that dry hair. In addition, can not be a long time with a hat, will affect the natural breathing of the scalp to speed up hair loss.


Keep away alcohol, smoking and drinking will stimulate the scalp, interfere with the body metabolism and affecting the supply of head skin nutrition, increase hair loss.

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