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As for me, straight hair helps you save your time and money in terms of maintenance. However, you may feel it is just frustratingly straight and you want to change such as wavy so how to make straight hair wavy?

straight hair to curly hair

There are many ways to make straight hair wavy. If you want to have permanent wavy, go to salon and your hair stylist will help you design your own style. Otherwise, DIY your wavy hair at home is another good alternative so that you can enjoy yourself. This pose mainly shares some information about how to make straight hair wave at home.

Way 1:Comb your hair in case of tangle and divide it evenly into two parts. Then, Divide each part of the hair into four or six sections depending on the amount of hair. roll it into a small volume with hair bands. Try to choose hair elastic with High friction instead of silk texture so your hair will not slip off easy. After finish pining up your hair, spray your hair wet and wait for about 20 minutes, untied the ribbon and let go of your hair. Don’t forget to use a strong hold hairspray to cover your hair because it helps you hold your wavy hair style. Yeah, a wavy shape is finished.

braid your hair

WAY 2:Braid your hair before going to bed. It is an easy job because most girls are familiar with braid. Washing your hair at first day when you decide to have wavy through braid. In order to have lasting shape, skip washing your hair and rebraid your hair every night. If you want a kinky curly natural hair, braid your hair with a small section tightly. Otherwise, braid more hair and you will get Loose Wave Hair look.

Way3: with the help of blow dryer or heat iron. After washing hair, set your hair into wavy shape and blow it with round brush with cool setting. When your hair get about 80 to 90% dry, stop to use heat iron to work through your hair, curling in circles. In the end, apply some coconut oil or other hair conditioner to your hair because your hair has been damaged for a serious work.


make your straight hair wavy

From above, we may find it seems not so difficult to make straight hair wavy once we have a try. Choose a suitable way and practice more, you will surprised at your DIY wavy hair one day.

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