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Inspire of loose wave hair style and waterfall bun, we also see updos hairstyle in party or form. Updos is popular among girls especially black girls. They prefer in braid hair updo which can be seem everywhere such as street, party, holiday resort. Then, do you know how to make cute updos for your natural hair?

There is no doubt that braid undo require little daily hair maintenance and allow natural hair to grow continually. What’s more, going natural hairdos can be a cool way to express your personality. We would like to share information about way to create braid updo for your natural hair.

black braid hair opdo

Suppose that you have middle length hair and you want to have braid updo. What you need mainly are hair extension (YAKI HAIR EXTENSION and straight hair are recommended for they are not easy to tangle), rubber pins, bands.

Progress 1: braid up your overall natural hair. havehair extension in two sections with the rubber band in the middle of hair bundles. Place the hair extension into three sections and braid it all the way to the end and close with another rubber band.

Progress 2: Take your first braid for the ponytail and wrap it around your real hair which is already braid in a little. You are supposed to wrap it around tightly one time and then wrap the braid under the longer braid. When it goes to the end of braid, hide braid under itself until it’s secure. Finally, use some small pins to pin it down.

black braid updo

Progress 3: As for the longer braid, we can braid around itself with the ends of the hair curled under smoothly in a roll like a pinwheel, making sure that braid is wrap inwards the finally hairdo is ended up with hair pins also. Just like your bang which is made of braid. Now you can appreciate your delicate masterwork.

From above, we just introduce one hairstyle for your reference, you can also find more hair inspiration via instagram or youtube. Come on, rock your hair with braid undo, you will definitely love it. And don't forget to check out our last wholesale Brazilian hair, you may accidently start your own business.

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