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Everywhere you turn to, from beauty enthusiasts to red carpet stars, beach waves is highly adored. Although it can be quite challenging to get those perfectly-loose curls, the impact on your overall look will make it worthwhile for you.

In order to reduce your stress and get this hairstyle done quickly and make an enduring fashion statement with your lovely waves, we have a practical step-by-step guide on how to make sexy hairstyles for beach waves to spice your look.

1.    Dry your hair:Make sure that your hair is dry if you want to go through this process without damaging your hair. It also ensures that you get it right. Otherwise, the process won’t work.

2.    Turn on your flat iron:You don’t need a sophisticated flat iron to make your hair curl. You are good to go with a duel-sided flat iron. Get a small 1-inch iron (or 2.5 cm), it will do a magnificent job. Allow the flat iron to heat up for a minute or two. If it has adjustable settings, use a middle setting. A too high setting will damage your hair and you won’t get the appropriate curls if you want to create beach waves with curling iron


3.    Section your hair:This is optional. However, it will do your hair a lot of good if you can section it. Sectioning your hair helps you to easily isolate some parts of your hair and that will simplify the curling process. If you decide to section your hair, pin or clip back the top to have easy access to the bottom strands. On the other hand, if you decide not to section your hair, start with whichever strands suit you.

4.    Place about 2 inches of your hair in the iron:Begin the curling from about 3-4 inches from your scalp. If you decide to start the curling from the top, you will not get the desired result.

5.    Fold the hair backward:After putting some strands of hair in the flat iron, fold the hair backward and away from your face. Hold the hair in this position for a couple of seconds.

6.    Fold the hair forward:When you are through with the backward folding, fold the hair forward again. You can just release the iron and move it about 2-3 inches down on your hair before folding it forward. You can as well glide the iron down that distance before folding it forward.

7.    Continue the process down the strand of hair:Move the iron down the hair. Move it backward and forward until you get to the bottom of the hair. You may leave about 2 or 3 inches of hair uncurled at the bottom to give your hair a natural flow

8.    Repeat the process on other strands of hair:When you have successfully curled the first strands of hair, continue the process for the other strands of hair. Take some chunks of hair from the clipped hair and repeat the process until you have made short hair with beach waves.

9.    Examine your hair:When you have curled the whole hair, examine it in a mirror to see whether the hair is evenly curled or not. If some portion is curlier than the other portion, try to strike a balance by working the other portion of your hair again.

10. Apply hairspray: Preserve the beach waves and make it last longer by applying hairspray to your locks.


This is how to do beach waves on short hair and give yourself an exotic look.

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