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When you have courage and spend in perm, you are surprised at your new look and hope it keeps long. However, that didn’t work out so well and the curl texture doesn’t look like before. It was really frustrating.

curls hair

As for the above situations, we may explain it as the following situation. First, the stylist has poor operation, lacking of softening hair, directly lead to uneven volume. Second, your hair is not healthy enough and cannot stand heating while have a perm. Last but not least, lack of certain hair care result in deformation of the hair style. Hereby, Alis would like to share some tips and tips and tricks about how to keep curls last long.

1, Use hair-care products such as elastin or essential oil when your hair is dry as hair styling, and the effect is very natural and very durable. With a finger dipped in a little liquid, take a pinch of hair root and curled around on the finger for one direction. This will give your hair a glossy look and prolong the lifespan of your curls.

2, After hair-wash, choose a good time to have hair-care when you may feel your hair is 70 percent dry. However, it is the good time for you to set your hair style. Take advantage of hair dryer to blow volume, combing with the mane comb, you can set the unique shape you love. Strengthen your curly hair, ensuring the hair become spring with a sense of space and enough fluffy.

wave hair

3, Wash your hair in warm water. Shampoo works best when warm water. If the water is too hot, it will dry and tickle your hair. Wash again with cold water after your hair has been washed, which make the hair look shiny.

That is what we talk about today, if you want to know more about tips on how to care your hair, we also have related articles. Come on, our life cannot perfect but we can make our hair perfect.

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