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   Everyone likes changeful modelling, especially for girls who always try various shapes, and for the girls who has  Brazilian curls hair, they may try to get their Brazilian Hair curls hair into straight hair, so can Brazilian hair be straightened?The answer is yes,in this article, we will talk about how to straighten Brazilian kinky curly hair.


  The first thing you should do is washing your hair. Before choosing the shampoo, make sure you choose the right shampoo bucause there are some special shampoo for straight hair and curly hair.If you want to make your hair straighter, you can keep your hair straight while you're washing, rub it with your hands. This actually has a lot to do with your technique, if you rubbing and keeping the hair straight when you are washing,and the effect must be different.

  Dry your hair. It is best to choose superfine fiber towels, because this tired material can absorb moisture very well, let the hair become dry quickly.

  Choose a more relaxed comb, because the dense space will pull your hair, causing the hair to bounce back more easily. A wide-toothed comb can give your hair more space, and the hair will become more straightly after dry.

  Blow dry hair. A hair dryer is a good styling for hair ,and It should be noted that when adjusting the temperature, it should not be too high, keep the distance from the warm air, and then comb the side to make the hair more straight and slightly shaggy, more shapely.

  Blow dry hair, can use electric hot plate to pull straight modelling appropriately, of course, temperature also should appropriately unfavorable and exorbitant. After the hair is dry, use the electric hot plate again, otherwise wet hair perm will damage hair quality. Note: spray some hair spray before you burn the hair to minimize the damage.

  If you are working this at night, you can wear a hat to sleep, it can avoid friction to keep your hair supple and healthy.

 Of course, if you really like Brazil straight hair and don't want to do the tedious work every day, you can contact us,We have all kinds of Brazilian straight hair and curly hair.

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