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After we receive the lace frontal hair, we cannot wait to installing it. Hereby, Meir Hair will show you how to install wholesale brazilian lace frontal steps by steps.

We separate the whole progress into three steps: Before installation, while installation and after installation.

straight hair lace closure

Before installation:
1. Work through your hair with fingers in case of tangle and braid up your hair that need to be covered by lace frontal. A full pattern with flawless flat is easy for the next steps and Stylist in hair salon helps you braid hair

2. In order to make your hair look as real as possible, you are supposed to bleach those nuts with thick developer. Leave alone the nuts for about 20 minutes and have a check.
3. Spray your hair weft with sealer so it does not shed. Tricks for letting your hairline look realistic are to customize your hairline by plucking hairline little by little. Leaving alone a small part of strands make whole look even better.

lace frontal installation

While installation: Make sure your lace frontal has been held down and stitches your hair in the back. Clip up the hair extension so they won’t in the way of sewing. We all know that lace frontal is ear to ear so we will finish our work soon. No matter what hair lace closure styles you choose, there are always Durable Swiss lace which allows having double sews, which can make your frontal as tightly as possible. When you go on to your ear, cut the extra lace and sew along with braid near your ear. It is essential to check your hair near the ear, making sure your nylon thread is invisible. It is details that matters.

After installation: Cut out the extra lace. However, a double stitch help to sew your hair steadily while a trim lace frontal looks more natural as your real hair. Our lace frontal is made of 100% virgin hair, which allows you to have any hair style you like, including bun, ponytail and etc.

Above all, we draw a conclusion that if we want to go out with lace frontal confidently, not only choose a suitable lace closure, but also have right installation method. 

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