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We are familiar with wholesale Brazilian hair, and hair bundles are popular among people if you hold wedding, give a concert and have fashions show. However, do you know how to install hair bundles?
Today, we are going to introduce the progress of having full sew with Brazilian virgin hair bundles.

Alis human hair bundles

Besides doing it at hair salon, we can have a try at home by ourselves. Hereby we will show you how to do Brazilian Hair bundles steps by steps.

Step 1: braid your hair flawless. First, we need to braid against the front hair, so a comb is needed to place your front hair into two sections. Leaving out a little hair along the edges of your hair in addition to the middle where you will can’t see your tracks when blows. In order to have a good start and braid easily latter, the tip and trick here is to do your first braid along the edge of your hairline is a good way and then all the additional braids will go straight back.

Step 2: collecting your braid and fix them into a circle. After having done with all your base grades, just take the ends of them and separate them into two parts. You can use a band to fix them and braid them in circle continuously. It is an awesome alternative because everyone can handle it easily.

brazilian hair bundles

Step 3: sew in your hair bundles. It is time to take out your HAIR EXTENSION and do a full sew in your braid. What you need to do is to braid the middle part back and then connect it to the other braids. It is a tricky technique so it takes different people different time. For the first time maker, straight hair bundles are recommended for they have more bangs for your buck which saves your time and is easy to install.

Finally, let go of your front hair and use a flat iron to smooth the front hair, blending it well into your hair bundles.
We are in the middle of beauty and seek to an easy way to beauty ourselves. Actually, we can decorate ourselves by hair bundles.

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