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I am sure everyone reading this article will one way find the content of the article very useful.

I promise at the end of this article, you will understand the process of installing a lace closure sew in or silk closure.

A lace closure is a small patch of lace that has vented hair. The Lace or silk closure is usually worn alongside sew-in wefts or tracks to give it the look of having a real hair.

Summary of the whole process

The summary of all you need to install your lace or silk closure is to have your hair cornrowed which is then followed by closing the hair with a weaving hair net. After you have sewed in the closure, the track or wefts can be sewed in immediately.

To start with hair closures are added to the top or sides of the hair or the weave. The hair closures can also be parted in whatever side after you put the closures on your crown. This is the reason why the closure always looks great and unique when you have them on.

The major plus using the hair lace closure is that they always look achievable and some of the lace closure comes with baby hair at the front which stimulate your natural hair growth.

How to install a lace closure

Lay the closure

The general way most people use to install lace closure is to sew or glue it on. The first step is to lay the closure over your braids and ensure it is in line with the hairline. The reason for this is to know the amount of extra lace that you need to cut off. Endeavor to use the hair clips to pin down the lace closure before you sew it.

Get rid of extra lace

The next step on how to install a lace closure is to cut off the extra lace. You can tease some of your own hair by pushing them in front of the lace closure before you sew them to the braid.

Sew the closure tight and flat to make it look right.


Finishing touch

Lastly, give the closure finishing touch to be together. You can use eyeliner to color the front lace and a concealer or foundation is added to the lace. Use the edge control to part the hair.

How to install silk closure

To install the silk   closure is not a stressful routine which can be achieved by a first timer who pays attention to how this article explains.

Cornrow your hair

The first step is to cornrow your hair by braiding the top section or the middle section to the back to give room for the closure placement. Sew a weaving net over the tracks.

The fascinating fact about the silk closure is that it comes in a ready for use form so nothing needs to be done.   You may just decide to bleach the Knots and make use of tweezers to thin the hairline to the closure.

The next step is to place the closure a little above the hairline and sew.

Ensure you start the sewing of the silk closure from the middle so therefore excess closure can be trimmed off. Nylon thread will be a better option when sewing the closure.

You then lay down the edges by using a moderate amount of hair gel.

The next step is to lay down the silk closure and allowing the silk closure stick to the gel to ensure that the closure is securely laid. The tail of the comb can be very useful in doing this.

Create a baby hair by trimming the strands, lay down the baby hair using the gel to give the closure a more natural look.

Finally, you weave the rest of the hair and style to what will suit your taste.

How to install an ear to ear closure

The ear to ear closure is simply made of an ear to ear stretch of lace which hair has been attached to. The ear to ear is larger than the normal closure but mark my words “the ear to ear closure boosts your aesthetic by giving a more natural look. The ear to ear closure gives you diverse option of styles that it can be used for. The ear to ear closure gives no option for open baby hair.

To install the ear to ear closure is very easy, if you have read from the beginning of the article. All you need to do is to get two bundles and the full frontal, after doing this two bundles, the style will give you  a matching look.

I am sure  you must have gotten how to install a lace closure, How to install a silk closure  and How to install an ear to ear closure demands to give you the  most natural look you ever  wanted.

I hope this article has been helpful.By Meir Hair.

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