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Woman with long beach hair will attach people’s eyes in some degree. However, it is possible for people get a wavy hair with short hair. Definitely, you can get wavy your short hair and Meir Hair would tell you how to make it.

short wavy hair

Short wavy hair looks easy and simple so everyone can do it.  You can achieve it through straighter or curling iron. Constantly, long hair seems keep your hair shape longer so as to middle short hair. Nevertheless, A flat iron can be also apply into wavy hair.

As we know, different people have thick or thin hair texture. As for thick hair, you need to wash your hair making sure your hair is brushed and then section it off. In order not to damage your hair, apply hair oil to dry hair. Let us start from the section near the ear. Curling your hair with flat iron and Twist it. Just repeat that a bunch of times and do the same to the other side. Dulling the process, remember to keep straighter away from your face when your curly hair. After finishing the lower part hair, cool them down and let the upper hair down. If you want to have the big volume and thick hair, do it little by little and steps by steps.

Lastly, brush your hair with finger and set the style with a flexible spray. It is already finished!

short wavy hair

it is the introduction about your thick hair. As for thin hair, having hair extension is recomendadedt. For instant, Brazilian body wave or loose wave hair are good options as waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. Hair extension is a great way to add length or volume to short hair. The reason for you to choose hair extension is it can blend in your hair well for a pop of color, or for length.

No matter how long your hair , we can get our wavy hair. Bedsides, No matter what texture your hair, we can always get wavy short hair. Or you can just buy the wholesale Brazilian hair product form Brazilianhairtop.

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