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I am sure everyone reading this article will be longing to know how to get straight hair waves.

I promise at the end of this article, you will understand different ways to get straight hair curly.

How to make short hair wavy is very easy as long as the procedures in the article are followed in the right order. Most people believe that waves can only be done on Long hairs, but trust me short hairs are also suitable for making waves. Having straight hair waves is what you will love when you have them on. There are several ways to make your hair curly or wavy. You can make use of devices like the flat iron, you can style your wet hair by braiding or twisting,

The summary of getting that wholesale Brazilian hair wavy you desire is to get your straight hair curly and then use a comb to loosen out the curls and then turn them into waves.


The first step is to get your hair ready. How do you get your hair ready?

Wash your hair

Ensure you wash your hair sparingly with shampoo to make the hair oil free, dirt free, sweat free and to also make the hair free form styling product. You may skip this stage of you have washed your hair in the last 24 hours.

After washing your hair, then next step is to dry your hair

The major reason why you need to always ensure your hair is dry before styling is to avoid frizzing of the hair that may be caused as a result of using heat tools like the flat iron.

Apply a heat protecting mousse spray to the hair to get the hair ready before using the heat tool.

Get a flat iron or hair straightener to straighten your hair and pre heat the iron.

That’s just the introductory aspect, next is how to get the straight hair curly.

Divide your hair into sections

The first step is to divide your hair into three sections, divide the hair into three sections to make the process easier. If you are having short hair, the best way for you to make short hair wavy is by using bobby pins to keep them in place when they are divided into sections.

Make use of a wide tooth comb to comb the hair starting from the back section of the divided hair.

Use the flat iron

The most important step on how to get straight hair curly is by using the flat iron to curl the hair. Divide your hair into strips to achieve curls; don’t use too large strips to avoid undefined waves.

Twist the flat iron in a straight direction towards the back of your head and pull down. This process may not look realistic but I promise it will give your hair the perfect curl you want. Just ensure the plate is always closed during the process.

Another alternative to using the Flat iron is using a wand.

 Wrap your hair around the wand and release. Repeat this for two to three times and then allow the curl to cool.

After having the curls then next step and question is how to make the short hair wavy. 

This is the easiest step of the process. All you need to do is to finger comb your hair to turn the curls onto waves.

Use your hands to comb your hair and apply a styling product (the styling product like wax or pomade helps to keep the waves in places).


I will also like to explain the best way to make straight hair wavy without using heat.

To carry out this, Repeat the process of washing your hair, dry the hair with a towel .After drying the hair choose the buns, braids or twist. These are the 3 methods for creating waves without heat. The braids will give your hair the tightest waves; the buns will give you the loosest and most relaxed waves while the twist will give you looser curls.

Ensure the hair is damp and choose one of the  three  methods, after doing that, wrap your hair with a soft  hair scarf or cap to ensure your hair does nit rub against the pillow when you are  asleep.

Finally, you then allow the hair dry overnight. If you did the hair early in the morning or in the afternoon, all you need to do is to allow the hair stay for very long to make it dry.

That is the simple process of having a heatless wave.

I hope this article has been helpful on How to get straight hair curly, How to make short hair wavy and the Best way to make short hair wavy. 

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