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In daily life, girls want to change hairstyle for seeking the sense of freshness. It is very common to change hair pattern between curly hairs with straight hair. We have blog post referring to how to make your hair curly wavy, oppositely, how to get straight hair overnight.

frizzy hair

Obviously, the most simplest way to get striaght hair overnight is to get human hair products. Check out the lastest wholesale Brazilian straight hair from Meir Hair.

virgin-hair-natural (2)

With the high speed of life peace, we always want to find a shortcut to achieve our goals effectively. The same as how hair should be treated. At the same time, people are concerned about hair healthy. There is a fast way but will damage to your hair: using flat iron. Keep in mind that using or chemical straight hair will damage your hair over time. So we are fond of getting straight hair without heat.

Hereby we list 3 types of methods for you to get straight hair.

1. Silk scarf. Once we know frizzy curls are in the way of straight hair, we can treat our hair in a gentle way. Make full use of your used scarf and tie them gently in hair before going to bed. What’s more, make sure not to hold them with your hair tightly or it may case dents. We do it in order to reduce friction between hair and pillow.

have ponytails to straight hair

2. Ponytails. Another way is to have ponytails while you sleep. After washing your hair with condition and letting it dry by air, brush your hair with fingers to smooth hair tangles. Divide your hair into several sections (according to your hair volume) and Place hair ties every inch down. When you get up in the morning, you will find that your hair is straighter than before.

3. Curling rollers. As we know, using curling rollers can create wave. However, we can deal with straight hair with similar way: using curling rollers. It is an oldest but effective way and you need to choose the big size rollers as much as you can. Once you use the small size ones, it may turn out to the opposite appearance: curly wave hair.

Above all there are just only 3 methods of straightening hair for your choice. If you have other useful ways, welcome to share your points in the comment areas with us. Life surprises are everywhere and we can also gain pleasure from our hair change.

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