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Last post, we have discussed how to straight your hair at home and introduced several easy ways to DIY yourself at home. However, today we’d like to share information about how to get permanent curly hair.

We all know that a permanent curly hair needs to be permed, Perm is actually divided into physical perm and chemical perm. However, it refers to chemical process. If you are the first time to do it by yourself or have damaged your hair before, it is better for you to go to hair salon for professional stylist help. They may give your advice, remedy your hair and give you what you want. Otherwise, we can get weave for natural hair at home because it doesn’t cost you too much.

curly your hair

Before curling our hair, we need to list out what we need: rods, curlers, tail comb, gloves, paper towels, a spray bottle full of water, etc.

Step 1: In order to not have tangle, wash your hair and comb your hair when it is dry. Wear the gloves and apply certain skin cream to your skin such as neck, faces and ears. Put the towel around your shoulder protecting chemicals or perm curlers from harming your skin.

Step 2: You need to soften your hair before you do a perm. Part your hair into two sections, braid them and use end papers to stick to hair end.

Step 3: add roller to the hair end, letting end paper cover your rollers. Apply same way in the hair on the other side. Make sure you have holed hair steadily and carefully apply the perm solution to your hair.

loose wave curly hair

Step 4: after about 30 minutes, drop the styling potion at the end of the hair. You can take a bowl to prevent the potion from falling. It is another 15 minutes.

Step 5: Wash your hair with shampoo as well as conditioner. Permed hair needs certain maintenance and daily care.

If you want a change, just do it. Perm your hair at home doesn’t impossible. However, wait at least 2 weeks if you want to color your curly hair.

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