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If you are scared of using a hot curling iron on your hair, perhaps out of the fear of damaging your hair with a hot iron, there are a variety of ways you can beautify your hair and make it naturally wavy.


You don’t need to keep searching how to make your hair naturally wavy. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you get the natural wavy hair you have always dreamt of:

  1. Get your hair wet:This is the first step towards achieving your dream of a naturally wavy hair. This will make your curls look clean and better. To achieve this, a washing shampoo will be handy. Wash your hair with the shampoo to make it clean. You can as complement the shampoo with a conditioner. When applying the condition, keep it away from your scalp but apply it to the ends of the hair. The result is a light hair that can flow freely.
  2. Dry and comb your hair:Keep your hair dry after washing it. A towel can be handy here and you can as well squeeze the water from your hair. A blow dryer can also be handy if your hair is thick. The goal is to keep the hair damp, not wet and sopping. Remove tangles from the hair so that you can create smooth waves and not some knots that will look unattractive.
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner:This is an effective way for styling naturally wavy hair. These conditioners add to the strength and smoothness of hair. They will also add some flexibility to your hair. In order to make the conditioner work on your hair perfectly, start the conditioning with just a small amount of the leave-in conditioner. A teaspoon of the conditioner will do.

Apply the conditioner to the different sections of your hair to ensure that even distribution of the hair is achieved from the root of the hair to the tip. Add more condition as required by your hair until the hair is completely conditioned.

  1. Use a curl-enhancing product:You should consider using a curl-enhancing product on your hair if you have straight hair that doesn’t easily hold a curl. By adding some mousse, a texturing spray, or some hairspray, your hair’s ability to hold curl will be enhanced. It is advisable that such products are added to the underside of the hair to prevent your crown from looking heavy or greasy. While applying the product, lean over and flip your hair upside down. Then, work a small amount of the spray or gel into your hair with your fingers. Repeat this until you are satisfied with the result.
  2. This naturally wavy curly hair tips will help you get naturally wavy hair if done properly. Without going through the heat of a curling iron, you will wow people with your wavy, attractive, and beautiful natural hair. What is more, you can personally achieve this hair looks without much ado if you are a DIY advocate.

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