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Loose wavy hair is popular among with woman because it can enhance woman charm as well as personality. It an easy matching hairstyle so that woman can go out with it with confidence. People who have loose wavy hair can modify their face perfectly. Then, how to get loose wavy hair?

One the one hand, you can get loose wave hair extension by wearing hair extension. It is a safe and fast way if you don’t want to perm your hair and wait for your hair to get longer. However, compared to other wave hair extension, wavy hair extension can blend well in your natural hair.

If you have already a long hair, you can get loose wavy hair by hair curler. First of all, you may need curling iron, round brush, hairspray, clips, and cocoon oil.

get loose wave hair by using curler iron

1. Apply cocoon oil to your hair and brush your hair with finger to prevent tangles in hair. 

2. Before using curler heater, heat up the hair curler and make sure your hair is completely dry.

3. In order to reduce damage to hair, we can spray protection to hair. Place your hair into two sections and clip one side.

4. One hand grasp curler iron and another hand grasp your hair. Wrap your hair in a clockwise direction around the barrel, not clamping, for a looser curl.

5. When turns to the back hair, as you cannot see that, you can put the mirror in the back so you can go on your curling work as usual.

6. When finish, for added volume, brush your hair with fingers and set your curls with hairspray.

long hair curls hairstyle

In spite of using hair curler, we still have other ways to have beach wavy hair such as braiding hair overnight, using curler rollers, blowing hair and so on.
There are no ugly women–only women who do not care or who do not believe they are attractive. It seems that getting loose wavy hair is a difficult job. However, practice makes perfect. I think you will satisfy with your loose wavy hair at the end.

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