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How To Get Curly Wavy Hair

Curly hair is the trend of fashion, many people curly hair looks very casual, but some people may be easier than others made curls. If you are very interested in curly hair, and no previous curly weave hair extensions successfully, then look at this article, try the following method.

Method 1, the most natural way

1.       Weaving braids to make curls.

After washing and finishing the hair, your hair is divided into two or more shares, the hair into a braid, sleep, when you wake up in the morning, unlock the braids, naturally dry no longer deal with, Your hair will have a soft and natural wave volume.

To be so close to the volume of the waves, you can split your hair into 1.25 cents a few shares.

To curl the waves to weave the braid, you can tie a ponytail and then weave the braid, then sleep, naturally dry, of course, you can also weaving twist braid.

Use hair styling products and then heat them properly. You can blow your braids and let the curls come a little faster, and if you start the hair too roll, you can cast the mousse before the braids or wipe the hair after unlocking the braids.

2.       Coiled bun doing curls.

After washing the hair, the hair into a loose round hair, to ensure that the hair with a fastening and hairpin fixed, and then sleep one night, wake up in the morning, the hair spread out, your new hair finished.

Because the Brazilian virgin hair curly wavy hair wigs is formed by knitting the hair, you can use the hair dryer to blow dry, or use hair gel to fix the kind of wavy you want

3.       Make more complex wavy.

This combination of braids and hair can make a better look. With hair shampoo and conditioner after washing the head, the hair is divided into four shares, each hair has become a braid, and then each braid plate in the hair on the plate into four loose round hair, sleep one night, Morning to unlock the hair on the line.

4. Twist your hair to make great curls. This method is similar to the method of combing the bun, but the difference is that you simply turn the hair you just washed until you can not rotate again, then the disk in the back, put them fixed, after the dry And then unlock the hair can be.

Note that this method is generally used to make hair styling products like mousse and hair dryer. But strictly speaking, these are not the most critical part of the curly hair.

Method 2, the use of heat

1.       With hair rolls

Place the wet hair in the largest hair roll you can find, then use a hand dryer or a dry hair dryer to dry your hair, carefully remove the hair, and then divide your hair into large, dense waves.

Note that this method is most effective when using a large roll, and if you use a small hair roll, it is a bit hard to get a curly hair into a beautiful wave.

2.Curling iron curly hair. The dressed hair is divided into several parts were wrapped around the hair rod, do not clamp the hair, hair wrapped around the top of about 10 to 15 seconds can be released. After finishing the curly hair care about, you can become a beautiful wave

3. With hair straightener. Wash and care hair, the hair comb, with Wholesale brazilian virgin remy hair straight clip about 2.5 cm thick hair, when you pull down, up and down the swing back and forth straight hair, with the same way to roll the other hair, Until the hair is changed.

4. Spread the hair with a diffuser. Install a diffuser on the blower, and then use this dry, washed, still wet hair. If you do not want to blow your hair too roll, put the hair dryer into a cold wind.

Method 3, with hair products

1.With a curved hair method to form a "beach" wave, in the hair cast a thick layer of mousse or hair gel, through the hair bend, so that mousse or hair gel evenly distributed in the hair, after the dry there will be Fluffy surf girl style curly hair

2. Spray the sea salt spray. Sea salt spray is a special salon made from the extraction of sea salt products, first with this product is probably sprayed on the hair again, and then hand the hair roll, the formation of wave-like curls.

Method 4, professional care

1. Turn the small rolls into waves. It is difficult for many curly hair girls to turn their furry little rolls into fluffy waves, but they can be done through a variety of hairdressing products and techniques.

Straight hair products, soft hair essence and hair film can achieve the desired effect, you can also shampoo without shampoo only conditioner.

Straight hair, a variety of hair care and hair iron are very good, to solve stubborn hairy curly hair approach.

2.African American girl with beach curls. If you like wave-like curls, but your hair is difficult to make that kind of, you can use moisturizing hair and deep care essence to make your wave curls to maintain longer. Put the essence of care on the hair, cut into braids and wait for it to dry.

3. Try the boys' heads. Hair a little bit long boys can also make curls, natural rolls of people as long as the hair with a special shampoo to wash the hair, and then wet hair on the hair conditioner cream to fix your curls can be.

4. Make a 360 degree wave roll. This is a very popular hairstyle, a lot of African American girls are this shape. First cut the hair short point, and then curd hair shampoo and conditioner, and then coated with hair on the hair and hair wax. In the hair styling when the time to bring a stretch cap or cashmere cap

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