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How to get brazilian weave hair naturally straight

How to get naturally weave straight hair, I am looking it up online, But it was not any help. I have wavy hair, but I not want, What should I do? And do you know any ways to get your hair naturally straight?

Nowadays straight hair is so popular, there is a wind fluttering straight hair is a lot of girls dream. But why straight hair is always smooth, wiping more hair ornaments do not work? This is because the hair itself has been destroyed and not healthy. To make hair look good, hair inner care is very important. Look at the expert summary of several cases, which do you belong? For your own situation began to carefully care of your hair.

Straight hair is fashion, beautiful and convenient, especially in the winter. The problem, however, is that many of the tools used, such as heat and chemical straightening machines, are really bad for your hair. As time goes by, they dry it out, separating the ends, and finally have not been as attractive as ever.

Avoid the use of heat or chemical straightening agent, will be with the passage of time and damage the hair. On the contrary, there are healthier alternatives to coax your hair with the style you want. So, for those who want to reach a more direct lock without risk, there are some professional DIY techniques that are used to correct the hair's no heat.

Avoid the use of heat or chemical straightening agent, will be with the passage of time and damage the hair. On the contrary, there are healthier alternatives to dry your hair with the style you want.

1.Wash hair with straightening products

It is very important to start using shampoo and conditioner for straight hair. If the hair is bleak, especially oily, just finished soon after the loss of luster, no longer beautiful. Then you have to choose for oily hair shampoo, so you can suppress too much oil secretion.

2.Brush wet hair until it dries

After washing the hair, let it completely dry, but every five minutes to continue to brush once. You can do it in front of hair dryer, which is faster.


3. Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush

It is so important for your brush. I personally like to use a wide tooth comb. because too close the gap will pull your hair, resulting in hair more easily rebound to change the volume. Wide-tooth comb can give hair more space, dry hair will easily become more straight. First of all grab your hair bundle with closure and then brush it as times as needed.

4.Make natural straight hair mask

It is best to use the same hair care products like hair, starting from the roots of nutrition hair, change the texture of the hair, but the use of hair mask can not be too frequent, once a week more appropriate, otherwise it may instead make hair nutrition, scalp will be more sticky , There is too much dandruff situation.

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