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Beach wholesal Brazilian wavy hair is an idea hair style for most of woman for its unique charm and romance. Well, Meir Hair is about to blow your mind about how to get beach wavy hair. Whether you are an office lady, a beach wavy hair makes you like hanging out in the beach.

beach wavy hair

No matter how long your hair, you can get your own perfect beach curly hair by yourself. So in that case--like, here, we will show you the easies tricks to getting messy beach waves.
First it is about the long hair. Wash your hair and make sure that it has a shiny healthy look after being wavy. However, make sure you don’t use too much conditioner. Salt spray all over the ends of your hair and start with the halfway of your hair. In order to have all round shape, you can put your hair into to ponytail making as much hair as possible into wavy shape. Then, take up one-inch section of your hair and wrap it around the curling iron. When you release it, you get a basic curl of this hair. Just keep repeating this process for the rest of your hair. The total time is depending on the volume of your hair.

curly beach hair

If you think that it is too tired to raise your hand doling the process, try another way: twists your hair and use flat iron.

To begin with, you need to spray your hair in case of tangle, separate your hair into two sections and twist them. Keep on the end of hair and use a flat iron from the top to the end, letting go of your hair .just repeat this process until you finish all the twists. Finally, let go of your hair and fix hair with finger gently. Don’t forget to have hair spray for your hair.

Here comes to the short hair.

beach wavy hair

Brush your hair and spray a protectant spray through your hair for curling iron. You can leave out your bangs first and start with a sections vertical hair from the middle of your hair instead of a small thin piece. The correct way to use curling iron is clamping hair at the very tops and curling around, pulse the clamp thing and move it downwards and let it go. Yes, brush your hair across fingers gently in a direction for a better curl. The rest process is the same as long curl hair.

Learn how to create your own voluminous beach brazilian wavy hair. A gorgeous, impeccable hair style with an exquisite makeup makes you have a chic look.

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