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How to Dye Wigs Black Color Without Ruin the Lace and Knots (2021 the Best Way Dyeing Method)

Where can I find a good human hair wig vendor?

You guys know the colour that Brazilian hair bundles and units like naturally come in I'm doing the watercolour method on hair?

That is that colour usually when I get my human hair wigs, and my packets I do like to use jet black box dying.

But I always end up ruining my lace in some way shape or form, so today I want to try the watercolour method on black hair to make it even darker and be a jet black, blue black.

shortfulllacewig (3)

I like to wear for my skin tone, so today's article is sponsored by Brazilian hair top. They sent me over this gorgeous unit. They sent me over this gorgeous unit. I am so obsessed with it.

I already promised it to my mom, but now, I have regrets because it just looks so amazing so as far as the specs on this unit. It is a 360 lace wig.

It has 180 per cent density, and it is a Brazilian hair still in a straight texture, the colour that it came in was natural black, but like I said I did do the watercolour method on it to die a little bit darker and even though this was already dark hair it still took the colour, and you guys are going to get to see that part of the tutorial in just a second.

So the hairline did come to a price plucked, and there was also big here around the perimeter of the wig and then not something is unit did come a bleached as well when I pulled out the bow shot I was like so she loves it.

Wow like literally you guys the Full Lace wig was ready to wear it straight out the box, but of course, I had the extra and Diet darker, and I was a little worried that doing.

the watercolour method would ruin the bleached knots, because obviously if the knots are bleached, the hair like the route.

The lace is going to be a little lighter as well. Just from the knots being bleached and I already knew that doing the watercolour.meant that was to do a reversal of the knots.

being bleached I was super worried about that, but you guys are going to see I use a specific technique to make sure that the not sustain bleach.

so that this looked like it was growing out of my scalp, this unit also came with a removable, adjustable elastic band.

So usually, I don't use elastic bands because I'm a little lazy and I don't like taking the time to sew them on.

I've constructed this unit they have two clips on either side; you can just hook the elastic band onto, and take it off just as quickly.

it looks like it is beautifully constructed and it also has these additional two attachments to attach the elastic band.

It's just going to make your unit fit super snug so first I'm grabbing the dot to be glue in the yellow bottle and I'm just squirting a generous amount of this into a mixing bowl.

Add in the guts of the glue a styling gel and the black bottle and mixing. These two together and putting them on the lace is going to create the perfect seal to protect our bleached knives 

This is just what it looks like, and then I'm taking a brush and makes them get out once I get mixed I start.

applying this product on the lace you guys can concentrate it wherever at the front of your unit is and where your part is going to be, or you can just do it all over the lace that way your knots.

Can remain bleach and won't be affected by the hair dye once I get a beautiful coat over all the lace.

I take my blow dryer and I start blow drying if you do want to blow dry this for about 20 to 30 minutes I did mine, for about 10 and it wasn't scorched, so when I put it in the water. It did start to come off a little bit to make sure it is scorched to ensure that you don't ruin your lace or your bleach knots now I'm just grabbing the hair dye. And adding it into some warm water and taking my spoon and mixing it all up.

So now I'm taking my unit, and I'm starting to ins first and slowly setting it into the water I wanted to put the lace part of the front part of the wig in last with this watercolour method.

I am using warm water, and I knew that once that blue hit the seal would start to dissolve slowly, so I wanted to make sure that the lace was the last part that I put into the warm water, so as you guys can see I was checking on at lace to make sure that the blue wasn't coming off, and it pretty much always stayed in place after letting the unit sit in the water for about ten minutes I did go ahead and pull it out, and I rinsed it in cold water just to get any remaining dye off of the hair and to also remove that excess blue that I used to seal the lace once that was done I just laid it out, and started brushing out any tangles or knots that came from being sloshed around in the water, and I also wanted to take a look at the hair and I'm not sure if you guys can tell on camera, but the hair is significantly darker, and all of those grey and light coloured strands that were in the unit are non-existent now so the watercolour method using dark dye on dark hair was a success, and I didn't ruin my lace as you guys can see it is still bleached in light and transparent looking mimicking scalp, so I was so so happy about that so here I took off my gloves to show you guys how the lace looks up against my skin, how transparent and bleached it looks and how perfect it is, so I forgot to film a formal outro for you guys but here are a few clips of how the unit looks installed so beautiful.

if you guys are interested in this while African unit all links will be down below thanks you guys so much for reading, and I will see you in my next article. Any question, pls kindly send the inquiry to us or contact our WhatsApp for more hair details of brazilianhairtop.

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