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When you see someone with lush hair, you may admire her hair and wonder how you could be that way. The answer is obvious and surprised you, hair extension help you out. Today this pose will show you how in hair extension.

Why we choose wholesale clip in hair extension: There are three basic types hair extension: gluing, clasp and knitting. Each of these three approaches has its advantages. Compared with the other two ways, weaving technique (also called clip in hair extension) is safer and natural.

clip in hair extension

Preparation for the next following steps: clip-in hair extension, comb, hair clips and hair elastics.
As for hair extension, Brazilian hair is recommended since it is 100% virgin hair allows you have styling versatility. However, it can blend well with your natural hair.

Here comes to the step 1. Comb your hair as well as hair extension in case of tangle and make them for the same size.

Now, step 2 is to part your hair with comb and clip them in section. It is said that line under your eyebrow is a proper place to be parted and clipped. See the below picture. After you figure out the line, clip up the rest of real hair.

hair extendsion

Then, step 3 is to braid a little at the root of your hair and fix your hair with hair rubber. This step makes a difference because it helps to stop the clips from slipping off your hair.

Step 4 is important and need your patience. Put hair elastic in the weft of hair extension. We practically buy hair extension with two wefts. Then, clip the hair extension into the section of our hair we just braid up now. We finish the first hair extension! Just repeat the clip in steps and finally you will get a new look. You can smooth out your hair with your fingers; it is a good way to make hair extension blend well and give you confidence.


Come on, if you are tired of your short hair and want to change yourself, why not start with your head. Just like a magic, clipping in hair extension make your dream comes true.

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