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When you have installed brazilian hair extension for few months, you may be want to choose the color of your hair. Nicely, today Meir Hair’ s top is” how to bleach Brazilian hair.”

We need to prepare the following things: wholesale Brazilian hair extension, developer, Powder Lightener, hair brush rubber gloves, aluminum foil, conditioner, developer, and container.

brazilian virgin hair extension

As for hair extension, there are synthetic hair extensions or human hair for you to choose from. human hair such as Brazilian hair extension is highly recommended because they have no artificial coloring and styling when purchased.

Another choose is referring to developer. You can do it according to your natural hair color. If your original hair color is gold or light brown, you can use a color application with strength of 10, 20, or 30. Originally hair color is dark brown or black, you may need 40 colors to apply the agent. The lower the intensity, the lower the injury to the hair. In terms of hair health, some people even recommend that you not use a color application over 10. You might as well ask professional stylist which developer fits your hair.

bleach your hair

Here is the whole process about how to bleaching hair extension. Read the instruction books carefully and follow the guide. Before bleaching hair, comb your hair with wide comb in case of tangle. Mix small amount of the Powder Lightener and the Developer to the container and stir completely and smooth. At this time, put your rubber gloves and Place the hair on your foil. It is time to apply the mixture to the hair. Just be careful and make sure every strands have the mixture on. After about 10 minutes, added a bit more of the bleach mixture and wait for another 10 minutes. You can clean your hair with warm water. However, remember use conditioner to maintain your hair. It is time to treat your hair extension well. Finally, it is essential to dry the hair extension by air as it may preserves hair moisture and makes hair looks shiny. 

It is so easy to bleach your hair extension b yourself. Once you need to know every steps of it and have a good preparation. However, a good hair extension is a good start. 

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