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Hair-wash is a daily activity for us. When it comes to how often do you wash your hair, different people have different answers. It is no doubt that we girls pay attention to this question no matter how long the hair we have.

long hair

It is said that washing your hair every day cannot only not protect your hair, but be damaging to your hair for washing over the head frequently caused dry and brittle, losing natural scalp protective film. So in that case, having shampoo twice a week is recommended for ordinary people.

As different hair texture require its own certain shampoo and conditioner, people’ hair- wash schedule according to texture as well as thickness degrees of hair. On the one hand, dry hair should be washed twice a week, while oily hair needs to be washed daily, especially in summer days. If you want to improve the frequency of washing hair, pick up suitable shampoo prooducts for yourselves and keep a balanced diet. On the other hand, if you have a thin oil hair, try to perm your hair because a curly hair will add a bit dry. a shower cap can help you keep your hair dry when you take a shower.

when have an appointment

However, plans never catch up with change. Girls tend to wash their hair before going out to have an appointment. They wash their hair and use hair dryer when in a hurry. In fact, a dry shampoo can help us clean hair with saving time and cleaning the hair without water. Dry shampoo is recommend to use for it is not only convenient to use but also add texture and fullness to your hair.

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