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As we know, there are various kinds of human hair in hair market, such as Indian hair, Peruvian hair, and Malaysia hair. However, Brazilian hair runs the top in world as its softness and versatility. So how much do you know Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is the most beautiful hair in the world. It has been collected from one donor in Brazil. Different people wear Brazilian hair product has their own reasons. Some people seek for further beauty, while others remedy their hairdo deffect such as alopecia. Hereby we have a general introduction of Brazilian hair for you.

straight hair and curly hair

1. Different hair waves: Straight Hair, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Curly Weave, Kinky Curly wave, Kinky Straight wave

Brazilian Straight hair saves your time in maintaining with shiny healthy appearance. Black girls are fond of straight hair weave hair extension because they look natural and easy to manage. Brazilian body wave hair is the natural virgin hair with nice body wave which can last for long time even you wash them. Body wave hair sends out the romantic refined breath. Compared to body wave hair, loose wave hair has well- defined waves and it is easy to get a beach wavy wave look. However, wearing deep wave weave hairstyles is a common sight between black women seems more suitable to black woman disposition. As for kinky wave hair, there are kinky straight and kinky curly. No matter which wave you choose, kinky wave hair is a shortcut for you to add your hairs volume for its thicker texture.

brazilian straight hair

2. Different hair grades: 7a, 8a, 9a, 10a

There is no doubt that the higher hair grade, the higher hair quality. 10a grade hair refers to Remy hair has no chemical treatment and hair scales without any damage. However, 7a and 8a grade hair are heat products for its competitive price and good looking.

3. Different craftsmanship and application: hair extension, hair frontal, hair closure and wigs

Installing Hair extension is a good way to add volume or length to your natural hair while wigs can change your whole hair style which will cover your natural hair. No matter which hair style you choose, any color and pattern are available. Brazilian hair is 100% human hair in original condition allowing hairstyle change including color-dyed, perm, haircut and so on.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to find high quality Brazilian hair products. Nevertheless, taking good care of your Brazilian is essential to hair’s life time. People wear hair extension should have every strands moistened often instead of complaining about hair tangle and dry too much.

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