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how much do you know about brazilian lace frontal and lace closure

Lace frontal is a new hot amongAfrican and American. Lace frontals and lace closures are both very useful in creating charming sew-in treats. how much do you know about brazilian lace frontal and lace closure? Their use is the same, that is close the installation. They are both made of lace. But they also have some differences, we will discuss some of this blog post.

Brazilian Lace Closure

Lace closure: this is used at the precede of you head and sew-in about 4-5 bundles of hair. The front is usually glue or other adhesive bonding. They are 4 "x 5" or 4 "x 4" or 5 "x 5". Lace closure is made of a lace with a natural scalp illusion.


The most difference between Brazilian lace frontals and lace closures are the size .Lace frontal is bigger than lace closure.Since the lace closes almost the same, apart from their different sizes, they have different styles, such as the free part, the middle part and the three parts (also known as the three ways), then how to define them? Here, we introduce you to the definitions and pictures that are displayed separately.

Alis Brazilian closure has lace closure and silk base closure for clients to choose, lace closure are moreprevalent for its charming and more comfortable to wear.

Brazilian Lace Frontal

Lace Frontal: This is a half-wig from the ear to ear and sew-in with about 3-4 bunches of hair. Size is 13 " x 4". The front can keep a different style, you can keep the hair back.


Lace frontal can be sew-in or with clips. The front of the lace give a natural hair that looks like the hair from the scalp grows. Women with thinning margins and traction baldness are suitable for applying a frontal closure. For women, their hair to have a completely different hair color, lace front closure is also a good choice.

For women who wear remy human hair, make hair wigs look very natural is very important. Lace closure usually required to make your own hair and human hair hair mixed well in the hairline area.

Therefore, how to choose between the lace frontal and lace closure?

Depending on your choice of the style, the lace front may be more attractive than the closure, and vice versa. If you like to pull your hair back, then the lace front will be the most suitable for you. If you only want to use your natural scalp to close your installation, then the lace closure will be your best solution. No matter which way, they will enhance your installation by giving us all the natural look!


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