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As a vender of Brazilian hair, we often receive different question from our clients. One of the typical question is “how many bundles of hair do I need”.

It seems like an easy question but it takes your time to give a satisfied answer to your clients. However, we can think about such question from several aspects.

straight hair bundles

First of all, what is the size of your head and how tall are you? It is said that the national average is estimated to fall between 22 and 23 inches. Depending on the stand head size, you are supposed never get less than 2 bundles of hair. Taller women may need more bundles than a short one.

Second, what is length of hair extension do you want? Since the hair is attached to the wefts, and the wefts are well hidden under the hair. So the hair’s length and volume do something with wefts. Normally, the longer hair with less volume you want, the more hair extension bundles you need.

body wave hair extension

Third, which hair style do you want? Straight hair or curly hair? As you can see, curly hair is plumper than straight hair in terms of volume. If you want a long straight hair, 3-4 bundles hair extension is recommend, while 2-3 bundles of curly hair extension is enough. Take it for example, Yaki Straight Hair Extensions is so flush that you just need 2 bundles to have a hair fullness style.

Forth, which kinds of hair texture do you choose? In terms of hair texture, we divided them into two types: human virgin hair and synthetic hair. You can choose them according of your preference. Generally speaking, virgin hair is not easy to get tangle comparing to synthetic hair and has longer lifetime, so you can wear two more bundles with confidence.

To sum up, the determinant in how many bundles you need is bundles length, hair style, and hair texture. Nevertheless, your preference plays an important role dulling your decision making. If you still have confusion, ask your experienced hair stylish and they will give professional advice to you.


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