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When it comes to how to install hair extension in your natural hair, there are many ways for you to choose. Today we focus on clip-in hair extension and discuss how long does wholesale clip-in hair extension last.

Generally speaking, clip in hair extension has a longer lifetime comparing to other hair extension ways, such as tap in extensions, glue in extensions, sew in extension and clip in extension. It is hard to determine the time limit of clip in hair extensions for thin hair because different people have different use purposes and hair care. On average, it last about 1 year.

natural clip in hair extensions

People often wear hair extension know that clip in hair extension is an easy and fast way to add your hair volume. It is a perfect way to set hair style when you go parties or have a date. You can buy clip in hair extensions online, fit them completely by yourself instead of waiting for your hair stylish.

However, natural hair extension clips is not proper for you to wear every day because it has certain damage to your hair. We can definitely feel a weight from the clips so in that case moving away your hair extension before going to bed is recommended. It can not only last the lifetime of clip-in extension, but also rest your naturel hair.

natural curly clip in hair extensions

According to professional hair stylish, hair maintenance is necessary to protect your hair extension from tangle or ratty. Specifically, in addition to taking them out before sleeping, we should keep in mind that using your blow dryer as less as possible. Treat your hair extension well and they will bring you many glamorous moments.

As for how long does clip in hair extension last, it depends on not only hair extension quality and your daily using methods.  

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