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Have Affection For Mink Hash Extensions ?

In recent years, many customers have researched wholesale mink fur suppliers, but do you really know what mink fur is? Brazilian mink and knitted mink? "Do you have virgin mink hair?" "," Do you have wholesale brazilian mink hair? " As professional mink lash hair extension vendors, Meirhair shares something with you !


You often hear people asking you about mink hair extensions, and these projects have been seen everywhere in recent years. Mink includes Brazilian mink, Peruvian mink, Indian mink, Malaysian mink, etc., which can be seen all over the world map. Do you know what a real mink is? As a professional hair wholesaler, let us walk you through what real mink hair is.


1. Mink hair Comes From Animal hair

The word mink refers to the fur of an animal called "mink". Real mink hair is very soft, silky, and short, and can be used for eyelashes, but not for hair extensions. You definitely want 100% real human hair instead of animal hair. Below I have attached a photo of the animal mink for your reference.


2. Short mink hair

On the other hand, the mink's fur is very short. How to make mink hair for hair extension? Is 20 inch mink better or 26 inch mink? It's ridiculous. It may be a 1000 year old mink. Usually we can easily say that our original Brazilian hair is real Brazilian mink hair, the hair quality is very good, the tail is very plump, the cuticle is plump, and it can be used for a long time. identical. direction to reduce tangling.Dual needle weft can reduce falling and all you want high quality hair extensions.


Mink hair is a 100% marketing word, it can be made into any hair you want, it doesn't have a real classification. We can call Peruvian hair and Peruvian mink hair, Indian hair is called Indian mink hair, Malaysian hair is called Malay mink hair, and so on.


In the hair extensions market, most of the hair suppliers use many different terms to market their hair products, such as mink hair, hair grade (7A, 8A, 9A, 10A), raw hair, remy hair, etc. . In the process of receiving and selling, receiving and selling play an important role. So, before you buy hair extensions, we recommend that you understand some hair elements used to describe hair extensions, it can help you buy good hair extensions for less money like a professional. Meirhair hope this will help you in choosing hair extension !

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