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Hair Extensions-Basic Knowledge For Your Reference

Knowledge About Hair Extension


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Flat Tip Hair Extensions - Ombres



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U-Tip Hair Extensions - Ombres




Hair Extension

Hair extension has come a long way. Now there are better, very natural looking options and improved application methods on the market. It's time to give them a second chance. Hair extensions can be one of the biggest assets of your hair, allowing you to alternate a variety of different hairstyles without having to maintain a certain look for too long.


Different types of hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions out there, but the most popular are "clip-on, sew-on, micro-link, glue-on and tape hair extensions".


Clip in hair extensions are the easiest to use and least destructive because they simply clip onto your natural hair. Sewn hair extensions are applied by weaving natural hair through corn on the cob, then sewing the hair extensions into corn on the cob, ”and sewn hair extensions are one of the most seamless styles of extension. and the most permanent.


Glue (the extension part that adheres to natural hair) and micro-ties (pass the extension part through natural hair and tighten it with a hot tool and a metal ring) do the most damage to the hair. hair. However, they can be reused if they are taken care of. Finally, use inconspicuous double-sided tape to secure the ribbon extension to the hair, like a sandwich: imagine one extension is the bottom of the bun, your hair is the trim, and the top extension is the top of the bun .


How to know which type of hair extension to choose ?

You need to talk to a hairstylist before doing any kind of expansion. This will allow you to consider your lifestyle, budget, and natural hair, and see what works best for you, as choosing the wrong hair can have a negative effect. For example, if you are a low maintenance person and are unwilling to set aside time to take care of your hair extensions, you might find that your roots are messy and your hair is difficult to style. In-depth discussions with your hairstylist will also allow you to choose the right color, resolve any issues you might be having, and understand which products are best for styling and conditioning hair extensions.


Choose between synthesis or manual expansion

Although synthetic hair extensions (made from various synthetic fibers mixed together) look more attractive because they are much cheaper, hair extensions made from human hair are usually the best choice. Synthetic hair extensions can be straight and usually don't blend into the hair easily. Or, human hair can be easily mixed with natural hair and can (if possible) be dyed to match natural hair.


How to take care of hair extension ?

Each brand extension has its own post-care procedure, you must fully understand it before you buy. But in general, choose a sulfate-free shampoo, avoid applying conditioner to the hair roots, and treat your hair like your own hair, that is, take care of your hair once a week.



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