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Growing Short Hair Is A Piece Of Cake Only By This !

You think you will like short hairstyles, maybe it will work for a while. But when you choose to regrow your hair, the process will be longer than you might think.In fact, your hair only grows about 1/2 inch each month. This means that you will only grow about 6 inches of hair each year. For someone who wants to grow a pixie cut, it seems like it takes a lifetime for their long hair to return to its original state.

Here are some of the best ways to make your hair grow easier.

Take vitamins

As we known, all kinds of vitamins in human bodys play a great role in human life activities, Vitamin A is for eyes and Vitamin B 12 is known to strengthen and lengthen teeth and nails. While eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, taking vitamin B supplements can grow out short hair faster than ever,  You can also use moisturizing balm and shower gel to nourish the hair roots. Many beauty brands include organic supplements in their formulas to promote healthier hair. When taking care of your hair from root to tip, you are unlikely to cut split ends in the future.

Invest in headbands, hats and scarves

When your hair is finally starting to grow, these awkward mid-length styles can affect your self-confidence. It can even be so bad that you reduce it to the elf cut. Tame those fickle follicles with hats, pins, scarves, and a few headbands. This will prevent stray lines from falling on your face. They will also allow you to try out a series of interesting new styles that you have never tried before.

Use human hair expansions to simplify the process

If you hate the kind of mid-range hairstyle that dances between long and short, investing in microbead extensions can help. In the long run, these non-destructive hair extensions can increase length and volume without damaging your hair. It is the necessary tool for the elf cut to develop normally. You can even experiment with gradient extensions to experiment with different colors and looks. It will keep your real hair healthy so that you can grow it faster.


For more information on microbead hair extensions and other celebrity hair extensions, please contact the professionals at MeirHair immediately. Whether you want to personalize your elf or just spruce up your own look, we can provide you with everything you need to explore fashion.

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