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Frontal Hairstyles-What Type of Frontal Is Best for You?


Wholesale lace frontal also called popularly ear to ear frontal, is an innovative hair addition that is used next to the extension or weaving of hair.The weaving fronts cover the entire frontal region of your head, from one end of your temple to the other, right through the hairline.

The reason that modern African American ladies wear woven hair extensions is not exaggerated.It is safe to say that they tip these hairpieces for some vanity, some versatility and some compensation.Women of color use this all-purpose hair to protect their hair lines from damage and give them different hair styling options.In addition, women with alopecia or fine hair can find comfort in woven fabrics because they look as real as natural hair lines.It's a good thing that with woven frontals, women can now do whatever they wish.

Weave front hair extensions are created using a lace or silk base and human hair, both of which have striking similarities to the natural scalp.If you wear a brow band that usually goes from one ear to another, you can separate the hair in the middle, right or even left.Is it an elegant bun or a ponytail your thing? You'd be glad to know that there isdifferentoptions’ using a woven front.

Every black woman who has rocked a forehead knows that undetectable agreement is the main business.To give a perfect look to the front lace, many high-end companies tear the locks of hair on the root of the forehead hair to give a line of hair that is credible.

Why every woman should have a weaving forehead

Woven facades are becoming more popular among African Americans. They close all facilities while eliminating the need to smooth out absences.A frontal is a piece that finishes a complete look of the head.The woven frontals mimic natural hair lines to help users pause the damage caused by the use of the seam.Here are some advantages to using front ends:

Reduced installation time

The installation of front-ends saves you time: their complete installation takes about an hour.Thetime oftraditional installation of hair extensionsspans two to four hours, depending on how you want to style your hair.This is ideal for women who have busy schedules.

Hair restoration

Women lack self-confidence when they realize they are balding or their hair is getting lighter.The woven frontals offer women the opportunity to recreate a fake hair without worrying their pretty heads, against any form of damage affecting their scalp.The frontals give the illusion of a complete hair root.

Natural stress

Most women are embarrassed and mortified after making installations that lookfalseand which are poorly secured.For your frontal installation to be correct, it is essential that the hair root and the extension of the hair marry harmoniously.As a general rule, check to see if the edges of the foreheads feel like their roots are coming out of your scalp.


Black women do not want to feel obliged to switch a hairstyleextension ofhair, each beautiful sister desires versatility to style her extensions and her weavings.Woven face pieces are the only hairpieces that offer African Americans the freedom of such luxury.Lace frontals, in particular, produce a natural veil of hair that can be styled in a multitude of patterns - everything you can do with your natural hair; you can do it with a woven frontal.


During warm seasons such as summer, women complain about the heat and discomfort of wearing seams and wigs. This is not the case for woven frontals.Wigs are created with wig caps that prevent the scalp from breathing properly.With the front, the breathability of your scalp is guaranteed because there is no restriction of air circulation.

An investment

Although not everyone has a hair fetish, we are well aware that there are beautiful hair aficionados.Owning a quality woven frontal is an investment.The versatility of a single piece will make every penny spent worth it.


Women on the back have the opportunity to dress in different ways using a frontal weave.You can decide to wear your hair in a ponytail orhair bun,you can separate them in a direction that suits you - middle, side or even three parts.

Materials used to create frontals


The lace fronts mimic your natural scalp to give a natural and simplistic look.They launched the classic seams of the game of hair to seize the first place of the "most beloved hairpiece". This cutting-edge product gives fashionable women alooknatural. It will be hard for anyone to tell the difference between afrontal laceand your natural hair.

Silk base

The fronts of the silk base lean towards the natural artificial.For them to look like flies and naturalists, you have to do a lot of work.One of the disadvantages of using silk frontals is that their lines of demarcation are very difficult to hide.This could be a particular challenge for ponytail and bunny lovers, they simply cannot "kill" their appearance as they would like.

African-American women still opt for lace-based frontals because of their fleshy tone;silk stockingsare always in the light for the beautiful sister there.

Why is it beautiful

The woven facades look spectacular because they look natural and allow African-American beauties to stand out wherever they are.Imagine all those lush locks flowing on this skin enriched with melanin.Picturesque!


Adhesion by glue is the most popular way to install facades.The glue is used because a large majority of faceplates are created with a natural hair veil that is needed to give an illusion of real hair.One of the advantages of using glue to fix a frontal hairpiece is;longevity.Fronts installed with glue last about a fortnight before touching is required;however, it is also good to know that glue can cause thinning and falling hair, especially along the hairline.

Specialty ribbon

Another method to get your frontal lace is to secure it with a special lace ribbon.This method is preferred because it can be done by anyone, anywhere.You can sit on your favorite chair and secure the band.The good news is that the lace band remains at stake, just like the lace glue.The bad news is that you may not have a flatter installation as glued extensions.In addition, not placing the tape properly can cause visibility under the face.


The most important way to install a frontal is to use elastic bands, which last long enough.The measure of the bandmade intaking the measure of the size of theheadof the user;the band is then sewn on the hairline of the forehead.Elastic bands help the front part of the weave stayflat, creating a natural look.The use of elastics eliminates the burden of destruction of the hairline.However, if you often have migraines or headaches, avoid elastic bands as they exacerbate headaches.

Types of frontals

Lace front

The lace frontals are created with lace and the diversity obtained with this type of frontal hairpiece is unparalleled.You can create a center, side, or two-part style with this versatile front end.In addition, front lace baby bristles allow women of color to protect their hair while giving them a perfect, natural look.

Front silk

The front part of silk is entirely made of silk bases to which the locks of hair are attached.The frontal silk knots, usually unbleached, are invisible because they are nested in the silk base.The silk frontals give a natural appearance resembling that of the scalp.The silk fronts are usually thicker than their lace counterparts.

360 frontal

360 frontals have been on the market for quite some time and it will not be out of place to say they have come to stay.As the name suggests, this front is around the hair.The 360 ​​frontis essentially a frontal headband with hooks to theback.Thesehooks are adjustable, which makes it easy to secure the front without the need for glue or sewing.

Frontal Hairstyles

Body wave

The body wave frontals are frontal hairpieces made from virgin hairs that give a regular "S" pattern.Body frontalsare mainly loose curls that produce wave patterns.Forto give a more natural look to black women, the body wave is created with baby hair around the perimeter.This hair can be ironed flat or capped with heat.

Loose wave

Wave frontalsare beautiful hairpieces created from virgin hair taken off.This type of hair is generally curly rather than wavy.Loose wave fronts have loops smaller and tighter than body waves.The curl pattern is not too straight or too tight.These virgin hairpieces can be Brazilian, Malaysian or Indian.

Water wave

Wave fronts made of virgin Brazilian or Malaysian hairs are in great demand.To say that they are beautiful hides them.The wave front of water has a mixtureC-shaped and S-shaped loops, they can be easily looped or straightened.This hair provides users with many style options.Water-wave hairpieces give black women a youthful, exotic look.

Deep wave

One of the most beautiful locks of hair that an African American woman would feel proud of is a deep wave front.Deep wave frontalsvirgin hair withwaves, they are soft to the touch and full-bodied.This type of front is the perfect complement for elegant women who want lush and tight curls.

frontal vs closure

The major difference between lace frontal and lace closure is the size. Frontal usually cover the wholescalp size is 13x4 inches and lace closures only cover eye by eye 4x4 inches.

Tips for choosing weave frontals

It is essential to invest in a high quality front end if you want to be satisfied with your purchase.Here are some tips to help you choose a woven front:

  • Avoid thick, full frontal.The frontals with dense hair seem very artificial.
  • Avoid buying cheap synthetic armor fabrics, no matter how charming their prices are.
  • Avoid frontal with thick laces.
  • Make sure you choose a face that matches your complexion.This should be good news for black women because frontal laces can be darkened but cannot be brightened!
  • Avoidtouching foreheads that go directly from one ear to another, because they look very hideous and false.

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