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After a period of intense preparations, we are finally looking forward to our wedding ceremony. As a bride we are definitely are nervous and excited. We hope that will be the best day of our life and everything is going to be perfect, leaving people a unique imagine memory.

Bride need to makeup and dress well on that day. In order to matching well with wedding dress, suitable wedding hairstyles play an important role. Okay, Alis will share several popular wedding hairstyles with you.

big wave wedding hair
1. Big wave Hair Type. This sexy, natural curl of curls can transform the bride's beauty, grace, and romance. Hair from the root to the middle of the hair is perfect straight, hair tail is a natural curl, or to maintain loose waves, showing low-key charm. A romantic and charming big wave curl is a great choice for the bride's styling. Big wave curls can accentuate women's amorous feelings and maturity, and better contrast women's charms. Once your hair is too short to have wave style and you dream of such hairstyle, hair extension is angood alternative for your reference.

updo hair style for wedding
2. When it comes to summer, it is the most time in need of that simple and cool hair, trying to make the neck, shoulders are free. For example, meatball style , which we usually set in daily time,is a good choice for wedding hairstyle if you make it fluffy by comb. If the amount of hair is too much, don't worry, you can choose this kind of winding, winding hair, gentle and romantic, especially suitable for the lady model bride.

updo hair for woman
3. Simple but elegant updo style. Want others find you at once and everyone is focusing on in the crowd? Try a Hair braids like this, can not only help you "rectify" all broken hair, also appear more lively. The hair that circles the forehead like the head of the head is rolled up, also very suitable for summer. Last but not least, adding dazzle to your sleek updo with hair accessory. You may need that delicate, small headdress, small and fresh style hair adornment to decorate your wedding hair style, which help you look gentle, generous and noble.

Congratulation on you! After a careful grooming, I think you are the most beautiful bride in the world that day. 

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