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Easy Ways To Make Your Weave Look Better

When it comes to weave hairstyle, people especially woman dislike an unkempt weave since it make you look low on energy and untidy.
With the high speed of life, will people such as busy office workers, working mothers or students have more time to take care of their hair? At this point, it's not enough to just pick a good weave manufactured by a great Brazilian hair vendor and you need more time and effort to make the weave a better place to adorn your appearance than to make you look worse.

Brazilian hair weave

Here are some tips about how to make weave look better,including remaining smelling, feeling and looking fresh with less time and energy.
First of all, let us start with washing your hair.
1. Wet the hair first with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo.
2.Try to smooth the shampoo and do not rub it, otherwise it will turn into a mess.
3. Allow the weave to air dry thoroughly and don't dry your hair with a towel.
4.Use a minimal amount of argan oil if you  want your hair to be shinny.

Then it comes to daily maintenance. A weave that’s braided and it takes more time to dry when it is twisted. Dulling the time, it is easy have mold and bacteria, even a bad smell. At this time, anti-bacterial weave spray is highly recommend, which detangle bacteria and keep your hair fresh

However, sometimes you are in a hurry and really need to use blow dryer, just stick to the lowest heat setting possible when drying or using heated styling tools. A wide toothed comb is using for straight extensions while weaves need finger-style curlier.

great hair weave

When you go to bed, loosely wrap your hair instead of tying it up in a tight style which will cause tangles. What is more, suitable pillowcase is good for your weave such as a satin pillowcase.

That is what I share with you about the tips to keep your weave fresh. I believe that you can take good care of your hair.

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