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No matter what hairstyle you want, a proper comb can always help you help you easily take care of hair styling. Hereby, we will introduce mainly two kinds of comb on the market and teach you how to use the tools to comb out a beautiful hair.

There are many kinds of comb on the market at present, but many people do not know which comb is more suitable for their specific uses as different comb has its own use. The following information may help you find the answer!

massage combmassage-brush-hair

Massage brush: As for various kinds of massage brush, a large area of elastic massage air cushion style is popular among people because they has small ball and won't let scalp injury. Another alternative is rubber elastic comb massage comb. You can use it when you have shampoo because its material fits well with water. Try to massage your hair with comb before shampooning it can not only relieve tight scalp, relax all day cumulative pressure, but also put the dander and dirt comb "loose". However, once there are wounds or sensitive areas, stop using massage comb.

styling brush

Styling brush: Comb material can be divided into natural bristles and nylon comb. nylon comb is recommended for use in a little moisture hair, grasping force strong collocation can be bright hair dryer. When you want to smooth your long hair after blow-drying, the nylon brush are hard to deal with frizz-resistant micro conditioners hair, while Mane comb helps fight frizz and ease out annoying knots without snapping or tugging. Mane comb arrangement is meticulous, suitable for use in dry hair, comb knot, can quickly heal edgy; According to comb shape is divided into the following: 1. Wide comb, wide spacing, relatively won't jam hair or damage hair scale; 2. Pointed tail comb, can be used for line or tie hair loose hair; 3. Circular comb hair dryer, suitable for collocation use, can blow the whole a variety of shapes, small diameter is blown out more roll camber.

We all know that hair need maintenance, so does comb. Our combs have residual grease and dander and will become dirty as time goes by. Treat your comb well and you will get what you want from it.

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