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Difference between lace and silk closure

When it comes to wear weaves and hair extension, the goal should always be to get a natural look. No one wants their weaves to be easily detected, which is why many installations require leaving the hair in front to cover the track.


Now, we have more options to make expansion and weaving look more natural. I fell in love with one now we all know the closure and frontal lobe. However, what many of us really don't know is the difference between the closure of the human hair lace and the closure of the silk base. That is my purpose here! Give you some knowledge.


What exactly is a closure?



If you don't know what the closure hair is, it is just a wig placed on the hair, which can mimic the scalp and look natural.


This is great because it keeps you from leaving any natural hair and thus protects your hair from damage. As for the difference between the opening and closing of lace and silk, the difference lies in appearance and material.


What is lace closure?



Ear-to-ear lace closure means that individual hair bundles are fixed on the lace base. It does give a natural appearance. Lace ribbons give you a natural look, and many customers prefer lace closure.

Now with lace closure, you have to make some adjustments to get the most natural look. Therefore, you must either bleach the knot on the bottle cap.


What is wholesale silk lace closure?



A silk base closure is made of silk bottom material.The silk base closure has a layer of silk, each hair is embedded in the silk, and then also has a layer of lace.

Now with silk closure, these knots are not visible, because if it is silk, they will be embedded in the layer. Therefore, you can see that this undoubtedly gives the scalp more appearance.

Difference between lace and silk closure

1.Foundation: Silk base closure usually does not require any knotting and bleaching. Due to the silk material on the back of the closure, these knots are invisible and can mimic the scalp without much modification.

2.Color: The lace of hair bundle deals with closure can have different shades, which is very helpful to ensure that what you get is the most suitable color for the scalp. The importance of making sewing as natural as possible has not been reiterated enough. In this way, although the lace of closures can have different colors, they are still very transparent, so you can see whatever it lays on.

3.Structure: The construction of silk closures makes the hair unit look more natural and more like scalp. The silk material below is an ideal way to use closure as a hair accessory. However, this type of cover is often a bit thicker, which may pose challenges for obtaining a super flat installation.

Lace closure vs silk base closure, how to chose?

Closure has two different bases (lace and silk), both can be glued, taped or stitched down. Although they are applied the same and used to obtain the same overall results, they are quite different. Not sure which closure method is best for you? You can choose it according to your needs.

So, how to choose?


What makes a person decide to choose a closure? The two main factors are cost and longevity.

Some lace closures are cheap, and you may need to put in extra effort.The silk-based closures use silk materials, which makes them more expensive. Both types of hair closure use virgin hair..

Longevity is another factor to consider, many women agree, and silk closures take longer. There are many differences between lace closures and silk-based closures, but there is still one thing in common: the overall purpose.

Meirhair closures can make your hair braid look natural and will not damage natural hair.The lace closure sew in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women who transition from slackers to natural hair, or only suitable for women with curvy natural hair and want to protect in the cold season, can be sewn or glued.

If you want to do more things, you must match the lace closure! It allows you to conduct hair experiments more casually and choose the desired appearance, fashion and style.


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