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Details Of How To Dye Human Hair Extensions

In daily times, we may admire others have their gorgeous hair extension but also the unique color. Do you believe that we can dye our hair extensions at home? Of course we can. Here are several steps instructions of dying human hair extensions for your reference.

brazilian hair
Before you start, you need to have hair dye, gloves, and developer.

For more professional advices, it is better for you to get all above things from a beauty supply store or salon instead of purchasing hair dye from a box at the drugstore, which make you difficult to match your hair color.

1. wash your extensions clean and comb then through
In order to get rid of any tangles, you need to wash them and dry them naturally overnight instead of using dryer because it damage to hair extension.

2. prepare the hair color mixture and shape for one minute
Put on your gloves and pour your hair dye and developer into the applicator bottle, mixing up the right amount of hair color and developer together. Shape it for a uniform color.

3. apply hair dye to every strand of hair
Here come the important step—dye every strand of hair extension by comb. Read about instructions before you dye hair extension to know how long they need to remain on the towel. In case mess up the dye you need to have comb to distribute the hair dye while applying it.

hair extensions

4. wash hair extension clean and maintain it
After having soaking in in the dye for the allotted amount of time, you need to use warm water and afterwards. During the time of washing, it is recommended to comb gently hair extension and apply conditioner so as to moisturize your tresses. However, use cold water to wash the conditioner out which will make the hair shiny after all. At last, use a blow-dryer to dry the hair extensions or allow them to air-dry which is recommended.

Look at yourself in the mirror; you will be surprised by your newly colored hair extensions. Change the color of your hair extension; change a good mood for a whole day.

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