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Classify The Difference Of Hair Dye

Hello, my friends. Do you know the difference in hair colors? You may have dyed your hair many times, but I wonder you just choose the favor dye colors rather than the type of hair colorants. However, as for me, only when you know the difference of hair dyes can you make a good choice for yourself.
Here we go to the points. When you're doing the process of re-dying hair extensions, there are two ways for you choose: a semi or just a demi permanent color. Now I will introduce these two kinds hair dye for you.


Permanent hair dyes are divided into three types: plant permanence, metal permanence, and oxidation permanence.
1. Plant permanence:
The use of materials extracted from the stems and leaves of plants for dyeing is expensive.
2. Permanent metal:
Dyeing with metal raw materials, the dyeing is mainly deposited on the dry surface, the color has a dull appearance of the metal. It makes the hair brittle while reduce the harm of perm.
3. Oxidation permanence:
The mainstream products contain dye intermediates and coupling agent. The dye intermediates and the coupling agent are penetrated into the hair cortex after oxidation reaction, condensation reaction and coupling formation of dye molecules is large, enclosed in the hair fiber.

As for permanent hair color, monthly deep conditioning treatments are recommended for you to keep hair healthy and prevent fading.


Semi-permanent hair dye usually refers to the ability to shampoo 6-12 times before fading. After Painting half permanent hair dye on the hair and waiting for about 20-30 minutes later, you can make the hair color with water rinse. The principle is that relatively small molecular weight dye molecules penetrate into the hair epidermis, part into the cortex, making it more durable shampoo than the temporary shampoo cleaning. Hydrogen peroxide is not needed which does damage hair, so it has become more and more popular in recent years.

Semi-Permanent hair color also offers shine to the hair but as a matter of fact, it does not lighten hair or cover grey hair. However, if you do not know what hair color you want, semi-permanent color is a great way for you to try out.

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