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Choose Your Own Human Hair

Human hair wefts are becoming more and more popular nowadays. So who need the human hair wefts? Generally speaking, one refers to who has alopecia want to have luxuriant hair. The other refers to woman tend to be more charming by having hair wefts as decoration.

Hereby I would like share some related information about you. That is how to choose suitable human hair wefts according to your real situation.

hair extension

1. Virgin straight human hair. It is regards as the high quality in hair product. It looks smooth and shining without too much maintenance. Having straight hair makes you fresh. Stunning is an understatement. So in that case, black virgin straight human hair is hot sale at South Africa.

2. Virgin curly wave human hair. It can be classified into several hair wave shapes such as Body Wave, Deep Wave, and kinky Weave and so on. Loose wave has a deep wave than body wave. However, the waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. Choose the wave pattern you like, if you love a strong defined wave pattern, then you will love our Deep Wave Weave.

3. Synthetic hair is in general the cheapest hair available. It has a large variety of colors. Sometimes this hair is mixed with human hair and then used for a human hair extension. However, it does not blend as well with human hair because It produces a different sheen than human hair and moves differently. If you are not a Perfect pursuer and do not want to spend too much money. Synthetic hair is a proper alternative for you.

curly hair

There are wide selection of human hair both online and markets. After purchasing your idea human hair, you can color or perm it. Style your hair, style your life from now on.

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