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Choose The Right Hairstyle For You

In the old days, people who always wear a wig are a noble woman and they regard the wig as accessories. Nowadays, ladies no longer consider wearing wigs is the symbol of identity. From another point, it is the modern popular culture. A wig can transform the simple hairstyle and modify a different face with a variety of fashion. It helps people chase for facial features and body temperament conveniently, that is why it is popular among people.

Brazilian Hair Body Wave

However, not just woman need wigs but men also prefer to have one. For people who is Alopecia, a toupee wig is important for him even makes him become more confident.

Here I would like to share some hair knowledge about how to choose wigs according to your face shape.
1. Round face: You can choose the straight hair with fringe since straight vertical lines can be reduced the width of a round face in the vision.
2. Square face: neat bangs are not recommended for you. However, asymmetric bangs are good for you such as a hair tail to short straight cheeks, which make you more confident and beautiful.
3. Long face: the wave or curl, just like our Brazilian human hair, body wave, which is cut from young girls, no gray hair, can be colored and re-styled , can improve your Graceful elegant makings. If you are short hair, hair extension is another good choice.
4. Triangular face: choose root faces and hairstyle proportion, carding should be part of the hair above the ears and fluffy.


Many people like to dye and perm their hair for further beauty and we cannot deny the fact that it does great harm to their hair. Why not choose a wig or hair extension so that we can change our hairstyle conveniently and safely.

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