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Choose The Candy-Colored Hair to Paint Your Life

Girls want to have their own personality according color their hair for changing hairstyle and keeping up with the latest hair color trend. The colorful candy color gradually becomes a new fashion among Youngers because it makes you full of energy and look beautiful young, lively, cheerful.

Before you dyeing, you may need the following things:
1. put on some protective gloves to prevent staining
2. apply petroleum jelly around your hairline to avoid staining your skin
3. follow dye directions to do it step by step
4. a tint brush may help you for the nexts steps

beautiful hair color

Here, I would like to share the Candy-Colored information with you.
First, make sure you're not allergic to dyes because some people with skin rash. So you need to check your skin before getting the candy-colored hair color. As for the color, you can test a little strand of hair to make sure the color is what you want. If you have dark hair such as black, you may need a bleaching before dyeing your hair. In order to be closer to the color you want, it is necessary for you bleach your color unless you are naturally platinum blonde. However, if you are naturally blonde, you can use a color depositing conditioner for a tinted look.

colorful hair

A safe and professional bleach kit is highly recommended. However, before bleaching, make sure your hair is dry and unwashed because the natural oils in your hair will help reduce damage.
There we come to the next step: wash your hair thoroughly. As we all know that, bleach contains chemicals which will damage our health and it may also interfere with color application.
After washing your heads, you can dye your hair with favorite color.

Yeah, my dear friends, that is what we talk about today, you are you are about to get the hair of your dreams. Do not miss further information we will post tomorrow! 


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