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Choose Candy Colored Hair To Paint Your Life 2

From last blog, we have made great preparation for Candy-Colored Hair. Let’s begin the rest of the path towards to colorful world.

First, Saturate your hair with the product completely and let them stay there for a while. However, situation like need to visit John or answer the phone always happens, just be quick. Otherwise it may affect the final result. If your hair color is too dark to dye, try to leave a cap on to insulate the hair for a better penetrating. It's better to have someone to help with dying since you can't see the back of your head and it will work better.

pink color hair

After dying the color you like, just wait for a certain time (according to your hair situation, for me, I need about 40minutes) if you want to see whether the color have a Uniform distribution, just check it. Once you find some place such as hair on the sideburns and neck have no dye at all, use the comb to add hair dyes and wait for several times. Finally, wash your head to clean staining fabrics like the ordinary times.

As for how to help lock in color, I would like to share you effective ways:
1. Add the white vinegar and it can make it by raising the pH level, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is all right.
2. Wash your hair in cold water.
3. Do not wash your hair for at least a week after dyeing is another good way to preserve your hair color.
4. Try to do Weekly deep-conditioning treatments.
5. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

green color hair

Last but not least, beware of staining fabrics to soil your clothes or bedclothes. Used Clothes is recommended when you dye your hair. What’s more, sleeping with an old towel covering your pillowcase for a few days is a good choice.

From above, we can dye our hair by ourselves and paint our life at our own will. Just enjoy your candy-colored Hair form now on. And lastly, be sure the check out our last wholesale obrem hair, dozens type of color await you to choose.

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