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Why you need Brazilian Human Hair and how you maintain it

Hair regulates body temperature. For example, in winter, it is very cold and windy. There is different feeling if you have own a short hair with a long hair, a full head long hair can keep amount of head. In summer, it is so heat, sunshine and blood vessels expand, if you have a short hair, you will feel very refreshing.


Nowadays, we tend to think of hair as a reflection of our personal style. With the popularity of hairstyles, people like to change their hairstyle according to different occasions. We can use Finalize the design water to keep our hair styled and use a hairdryer to keep it.


Brazilian hair caring

Human hair have its own cycle, so like hair, rest for a few months, and then fall off. So Proper take care is very important, and our Brazilian hair belong to the good quality, if you take care well, you can wear many years. So during your take care of the hair, some hair conditioner is necessary, because it including the protein the cuticle and protein.


How to do for the split ends

Split endsis the result of damaged or weathered hair. "The hair splits because the outer layer (or cuticle) of the hair has worn away. But the good news is that you can cut them right away and your hair looks healthier at once. Another way to keep your hair healthy is to use a conditioner after washing your hair. Since shampoo and conditioner work differently, shampoos are just for cleaning up grease and other trash in your hair, while conditioner protects your hair. In particular, curly hair, body waves such as Brazilian curls/wavy hair, more need your careful care, should use wide tooth comb when combing the hair.


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