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Tips on how to care a baby's hair

If you have a baby, do you know how to care the baby’s hair? Maybe you will said “yeah”, or “no”, so now, we will give some tips about to care your baby’s hair.

First of all, we must know that the baby’s hair is softer much than an adult’s. The hair at birth is called fetal hair, and as the child grows, there will be great changes, some will have many, some will have many, some will fall off after a few months. So, now we can give some good advice, can help you to treat your baby's hair and let you learn some hair care, thus, will not harm to those who slim, angel hair, or let him feel the tension.


When you give the baby a bath, you can wash the baby's hair first.Use a towel to adhere to the water and gently, the baby will likely like the feeling of water on his or her head. The use of the baby's shampoo, the use of a pure and natural baby shampoo, will not cause damage to the baby's hair.

The baby's hair is very thin and soft, you don't need hair conditioner on the baby's hair, he just needs a little shampoo to clean your hair.

You don't have to put any product on your baby's head until your baby is at least one year old, and the baby's hair has been completely replaced, and he has a "mature" hair.

After the baby has washed her hair, she needs to gently wipe her hair with a soft towel and dry her hair so that the baby won't catch cold.


Can only use a very small soft small comb to comb the hair, because, the baby's hair is very soft, combed can let the baby's hair smooth, quiet, the baby will enjoy the experience, especially when you hold him in your arms, gently stroking him, said softly, or sing nursery rhymes.


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