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The new fashion in 2017 ----Simple Short Hairstyle

When a girl wants to change her hairstyle, the first question that springs to her mind is whether the style will still fashionable in the next year.

Today, I’ll show you some kind of simple short hairstyle which will still fashionable in 2017.


With the pace of life speeds up, the pressure of life increased a lot. Therefore, pure and simple things become popular nowadays, so does the hairstyle. Giving up the complicated design, more and more people choose the simple and fresh style. And the simple short hairstyle is just fit that kind of taste. So, beauties, let’s change to this lovely and low maintenance hairstyle.


Simple Short Hairstyle Style 1 

 Simple & Fresh- the short straight hair, which trimmed with layers, is looks plump as well as healthy elasticity. Meanwhile, this hairstyle can also makes the shape of your head better-looking. And after adding the brown hair dye, your hairstyle will be simple and stylish.




Simple Short Hairstyle Style 2

 The tilted frisette, with the hair on the both sides of face, will makes your feature smaller. And the simple and dark brown dyeing will makes you look lovely as well as sweet.




Simple Short Hairstyle Style 3

 Simple short haircut is unique. And by adding the graceful maroon color, the hairstyle will suit the office lady well.



Simple Short Hairstyle Style 4

 Straight bang with bob hairstyle, which can make you look sweet and charming, especially with the unique ombre color.





Simple Short Hairstyle Style 5

 The side parting of short hair can make you very good got-up face. And by light ironing, the hairstyle will looks more fashionable as well as unique, which can make the student and the OL more graceful.





Simple Short Hairstyle Style 6

The long tilted friette with asymmetrical short-cut design can increase the sense of sweet girl. And the coffee brown dye can make the skin delicate and white. Simple yet fashionable.



Simple Short Hairstyle Style 7

If you do not like the simple ones, you can have your hair permed. Meanwhile, messing up the hair can increase the unique charming of you. But the daily care is little more complex than the simple ones.


Simple Short Hairstyle Style 8

Asymmetrical short curly hair looks fashionable as well as graceful. And this style can help the OL increase mature charming by adding brown dye. But you should pay more attention to care the curly hair in order to maintain it well.


On the whole, considering the number of lazy people increased, so does the number of people who prefer the simple short hairstyle.

So, let’s change to the simple yet fashionable hairstyle together!

Be sure to check out BrazilianHairTop, you will find useful information about the simplest way to change a hairstyle( by using wholesale Brazilian hair).


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