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  Brazilian straight hair are the most sought after hair in the world because of their good quality and natural beautiful color,and most of them are not cheap so how to how to maintain Brazilian hair has become a very issue .This complete guide is all about keeping you fabulous and your hair healthy, shiny and strong. We will be sharing daytime care, night time care, curly hair and general tips below. This article is all about how to how to maintain Brazilian hair extensions and keeping your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

  The first thing in maintaining wig is washing. Wash Brazilian human hair with warm water, and the water temperature should not be too high, too hot will damage the hair, reduce the life of your hair. When cleaning, you can take a small amount of shampoo. But there's one thing you need to know that most of shampoos and conditioners contain stimulating chemical elements which are extremely damaging to the hair. So my advice is choosing an appropriate shampoo or conditions for the care of your Brazilian human hair.

  Many people have problems with wearing wigs. Wear a wig, you need to adjust your hair cap to fit your head, not too loose, not too tight. In the meantime, don't use brute force to pull the hair in the process of wearing. When you wear a Brazilian human hair, you should also protect it. Don't get exposed to the sun or be drenched by acid rain.
Keeping a wig at random can cause damage to the hair. Therefore, maintenance of Brazilian human hair should be kept in a careful way. If you don't wear the hair for a long time, you need to clean it thoroughly. Don’t leave any chemical behind and wind it up, because water will cause corrosion.


  Brazilian human Hair is 100% natural human hair and it can be designed any style you like. You can blow dry, curl with curling iron, straighten with a flat iron. So,take care of it

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