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How to do if the color of the hair fade?

Have you ever experienced that you dye your hair with a beautiful color, and you really love it so much, but after a while it starts to fade. It will be very disappointed, isn’t it?


But the good news is that you can keep even longer the strength and the right state of your hair and the depth of your product. You can really stick to the "just finished" color before the next date.

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is essential for maintaining the gloss and tone of colored hair. Ideal color shampoo and conditioner is not containing sulfate, and has a UV filter is a kind of perfect collocation, because it won't strip off the hair, UV filter can protect the hair from the sun, can also lead to fade. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in color-specific cleaning and regulating products and to prevent the damaging effects of UV.


If your hair is the colorful, using an upscale color to conserve shampoo and conditioner, which will lengthen your hair color. The curling irons, straighteners, or hairdryers can also be the enemy to protect your precious flash tones. The heat can evaporate the color of your hair, so make sure you use the hair protective products all the time.



When you dye your hair color at first, your hair always looks bright, feels thicker, and dries out oily roots. When you dying the hair color, you have to get rid of the color of your hair, which is the natural protein and gloss of your hair! 



So once the hair is half wet, please use the hair protection products to protect your hair from dry, and the protection products will keep your hair hydrated, shiny, smooth and silk. Also, you can Use a towel to dry your hair regularly so that it can absorb the most nutrients from the conditioner.


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