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Today we're talking about that, in 2017, what is the most popular trend for the human hair extensions, and which color of the hair is the hottest will be. I have picked up the latest hair types and color from the runway and the red carpets, so that, you can make a decision and you will be look like a star in this year.

Hair Color 1 —maroon Color

This year, the hair color ideas just come, right? It doesn't matter, we can get the inspiration from these ideas, and then we can know which will be the hottest hair style and color.We’ll cover everything, from maroon color Jourdan Dunn, which is now showing off, whose hair color is T1B/30 hair extensions.


Hair Color 2 —brown colors

This is like a chocolate - like color, once again the love hair color of the modern girls.

Mousse chocolate: romantic, natural, easy-going;

Milk chocolate: elegant, mild and sweet; 

Dark chocolate: rational, dry and mature.

Hidden behind these delicious names is a brilliant glow.

Because it looks persuasive this year. That’s why that someone with brown hair can get people's gaze.

 Sandra bullock's medium complexion can hold the dark walnut color perfectly and stain it with a little red.


"Modern family" actress Sofia Vergara, who plays the spice girl Gloria, looks very charming.

Sofia Vergara's hair color is naturally blonde, so start with a light brown, then with a thin layer of gold, the brightest hair should start from the cheek.



Sweetheart Jessica alba delicate, fashion gradient coloring lies in the different place, the head of hair color is deeper, with grey hair and hair end instead of the light brown, brown overall gradient coloring make the medium color of skin looks more bright.


If you want to put on a show this summer, why not change the hair color? Gisele Bündchen perfect to let each woman will produce jealousy, look at her soft light brown curly hair, very natural and can carry bright color of skin, looks just like an effortless beauty. If you want an immediate and comprehensive update new look, the new hair color will be the best way to eliminate it. By the way, just need to use the new Brazilian Virgin unprocessed hair textures to complement your eye color and skin tone.


 Hair Color 3 Bold colors

Bold colors have become more popular recently. Nicole richie and Chloe norgaard. Their DOS is constantly changing.


If you're not sure which color is suit for you, you can choose a semi-permanent dye or choose a more subtle color. What you need to do, is to print out the hair color of your favorite star and go straight to the hairstylist, and then ask them to make the hair color for you.



 Hair Color 4 —Red colors

Red hair - this is a very high pursuit, especially for Emma stone, the world's most popular girl, who has dominated her sexy auburn hair style.


As seen in many Hollywood sexy girls, red hair has some serious sexiness and elegance.

Ashley Greene's purple pink hair color looks both layered and thick. The beauty secret of red hair is to put aside the unusual shades on one side, the effect of makeup and skin tone on the overall look.


 Hair Color 5 Blonde color

Blond hair is always in vogue and is popular with celebrities and models. But recently the T color hair shade rise these years. Models by Blake lively, whose hair is warmer and gold. The dim light is very suitable for dark shadows, which add texture and depth, while producing dark caramel shading only if there is no black root regrowth.


Let's take a quick look at these most popular hair color and hair styles. Please must be owe the brave and make this summer meaningful. If you need hair to reach the effect. You can try our Brazilian virgin unprocessed human hair.

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