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Every day we have received a plenty of messages and emails, and their topics are mostly about the type of great quality hair product. Hereby, I would like to share with you information about 10 a grade hair.

As we know, the hairs we provide are classified into 4 grades: 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A. To be frankly, there is no boundary between different grades. We factory divide the hair products into various grades according to certain standards and measures.

brazilian straight hair

Before introducing our 10 a grade hair, I want to have a brief introduction to grade 7A, 8A, 9A hair. If you are familiar to Brazilian human hair products, you may always hear someone are finding great 7a or 8a hair products. There grades of hair are most customers favorites. We factory absolutely provide 7a 8a hair products because they are in high quality and easy to be tangle. So in that case, we may draw a conclusion that the higher grade of hair, the greater quality of hair. We can classify the hair products in terms of their tesserae such as less shedding and tangling.

body wave hair

Just like the update of mobile phone, we hair products also push out new product such as 9a 10a products. 10 a grade human hair is 100 percent virgin hair, it has double hair weft, which allow you to clip steadily in your hair. So far, we have different textures of hair including straight wave and body wave and the length is from 8 to 30 inch available. If you are a person who likes curlier hair like Kinky Curly, 10 a grade hair is recommended because it won’t get matted easily. However, you may get tangle easily when you choose the longer hair.

No matter what grade of hair you choose, the great quality is just the first step for you to achieve beauty. Longer hair maintenance is significant on your beautiful hair long way.

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