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How To Care For Your Charming Wig Hair Extensions

1. Do not rub your hand when washing. Often wear hair sets, usually two or three months washing time is appropriate. Before washing, first with a comb to the wig combed, and then diluted with a hair conditioner solution while washing. Can not use his hands rubbing, but not the fake foam in the washing liquid wash. And the application of both hands gently human hair wig extensions direction drift above the bubble, and then dry, avoid exposure in the sun.

2. Carding action to light. Brazilian hair half wigs sets should be combed before use, wear a wig after a little to be combed on it. Combing lace wig virgin hair generally use the more sparse comb as well, combing the wig when the use of oblique side of the card method can not be straight comb, and action to light.

        Real hair wig

With hair soft, flexible, the characteristics of strong. But after washing will be deformed, need to shape treatment. Washing method: the wig soaked with water, soaked in warm water containing shampoo, hand rub, wash the dirt; washed with water to the bubble, and then conditioner care; wash the wig will carry out, with a dry towel light Press, suck the water; the fake planes in the wooden care, combing fluent. According to the needs of hair for coil or wig hair hairstyles. Hairy wigs need to be re-shaped after each wash, according to the needs of Brazilian virgin human hair use a variety of carding tools. The shape of a real hair can be worn on the wearer's head to make the hairstyle fit for the face.

       Fiber wig

With the characteristics of washing is not deformed, but the washing can not hand rub, otherwise there will be sticky together phenomenon. Washing method: the wig soaked in warm water, the shampoo containing warm water soak for 5 minutes; in the shampoo water, press the dirt cleared, rinse the water with water; the hair extension wig soaked in water containing conditioner 5 minutes, and then rinse with water; carry a wig on the towel on the tap, suck to moisture; combing fluent, naturally dry, dry after you can restore the status quo. Before the wig wears, the hair should be combed as a whole, combed with wood combing tools. Do not wear a large area after combing, only for the local simple adjustment.

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