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Which country poroduce the best human hair?

which country produce the best human hair?

Of course China.


Why Choose your hair vendors from china?

Estimates by show that by 2023, the total revenue of the global hair industry will exceed $10 billion. This estimate is based on a compound annualgrowth rate (CAGR) of approximately 9% between 2017 and 2023.

Nowadays, under the influence of fashion and quality of life, people's demand for ultra-high-quality artificial wigs and high-quality human hair products is increasing, especially in Europe and the United States, which is expected to create new opportunities for hair product manufacturers from all over the world. Due to the growth of per capita income and the improvement of consumer spending power, market income will also be further increased.

Not only women, but men's demand for hair care products has also greatly increased in recent years, which is also a driving force for the global hair products industry. Especially in China, the establishment of a large number of hair product factories has greatly promoted the global hair market. So, how to find a reliable hair factory in China? Let's talk about it in the next part.


How to find a reliable hair wholesaler in China?


For example, how do we find a reliable hair vendors wholesale in China. Many novices are confused about how to find a reliable supplier for their hair business. Some of them spend a lot of time to identify a good supplier, so I will introduce some tips to help you find a good hair supplier.


Step 1: Search for wholesale hair factories online and contact them


You can search for wholeslae hair vendors in many ways, completely free. It is best to search on Alibaba or Google, there are enough hair factories for you to choose. The wholesale supplier stocks all the hair-related things you want. Enter your search keyword, for example "brazilian hair bundles".



Step 2: Ask open questions.


Since wholesalers are from China, please try to keep the question simple.​​ Ask if they specialize in hair manufacturers or just hair supply. Compared with distributors, manufacturers randomly obtain high-quality guarantees. Ask about the source of hair, hair samples, etc.



Step 3: Request a hair sample


Ask questions about hair samples, for example, how can you get a sample? How long does it take to get the samples? Samples allow you to test the authenticity and quality of your hair. After all, you don’t want to buy a lot of hair just because you find the quality is not up to standard. Make sure it can withstand the hair quality test you want. Another factor to consider is whether the factory’s products meet the needs of your customer’s market.


Last if you're interested in starting your own business, here's a article about how to locate a reliable hair vendor.


Why Choose China As The Sources Of Human Hair?


Why need to I select a hair manufacturing facility in China?

Depends on your price range and your purposes. Here is some motive :


Instant Shipping

Chinese hair factories usually produce hair in inventory with a large range of hairstyles. You simply pick patterns and they Chinese hair factories will take out the hair from inventory and ship to you


Cheaper Shipping Cost

If you are a long-time hair seller, you will comprehend an evident fact that Chinese hair is more cost-effective than Vietnamese hair. However, if you are a novice in this hair business, you might also ask your self why Chinese hair is more cost effective than Vietnamese hair? Then there are two fundamental reasons:


Large-scale Production:

With modern-day science and mass-production, Chinese hair factories follow high-tech in hair enterprise manufacturing to create a large extent of hair, which is continually on hand in stock

Mixed Hair Source: Chinese hair is frequently blended from many donors of hair like India’s hair, Cambodian Hair ( no longer from one hundred percent pure hair donor), which leads to more cost effective fee in contrast with Vietnamese Hair

chinese hair factory


High Quality And Long-Term Durability

The supply of Chinese Hair is taken from one hundred percent lady virgin hair, at the age of 18-25. so their hair is surely robust and silky ( due to the fact the hair is now not affected with the aid of sunlight).100% Raw human excessive great and luxurious hair, no mixed, no chemical, no synthetic.


contact us, you can get the free sample to test

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