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Where Did Indian Hair Come From?

Where did those wholesale indian hair come from? Millions of people in India went to the temple to cut their hair and sacrificed their hair, but they were made into wigs and sold globally, earning hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
indian hair come from (2)
Believers donate hair in Hindu temples all over India. This behavior is regarded by millions as a kind of dedication, symbolizing a ritual purification and helping the gods to pay off debts. The sacrifice of devotees is the responsibility of Indians, they influence the international fashion and wig manufacturing industry.
indian hair come from (4)
In Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu, a Hindu believer had his head shaved at Thiruthani Murugan Temple. There is a legend in India that the Hindu protector god Vishnu borrowed money for his wedding, only to find that the money was so large that his devotees have been helping to repay the debt, and the way they repay it, It is to give the only thing they have-the hair on their heads.
indian hair come from (5)
An Indian worker at the Raj Hairdressing International Processing Center in the suburbs of Chennai, she is arranging human hair according to hair length and texture. For a long time, India has been the world's largest exporter of human hair, and India earns hundreds of millions of dollars from high-quality hair every year.
indian hair come from (8)
A devout believer is washing his hair after Thiruthani Murugan shaved his hair. Hair donated in such temples will eventually enter Europe, Asia, the United States, and parts of Africa, appearing in the form of hair decorations and wigs.
indian hair come from (3)
At the Alinjivakkam hair collection firm in Chennai, a worker dries the hair after washing it. Once collected by the temple, the waiter will sort the hair according to length and quality, and then auction it to various processing plants.
indian hair come from (7)
Workers in the hair processing factory sort and box the hair according to quality and cutting standards. Indian hair is more valuable in foreign markets because it is of higher quality and the wearer rarely dyes and washes it.
indian hair come from (6)
A worker puts the sorted hair into a container. The hair cut from the scalp of a single donor can be woven and processed by the waiter to become a high income because of its integrity. Lower-quality hair was also collected from donations in barber shops and villages.
indian hair come from (1)
Human hair products displayed at the Chennai Exhibition Center. These personal donations all contain the pledges of devotees and represent the only vanity of poor rural women. They will be processed and sold in the international market for hundreds of dollars each. According to reports, the temple authorities believed that the transaction was derived from a product that would otherwise flow to the garbage dump and would ultimately help maintain the temple and social activities.

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